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View solution training progress

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View solution training progress

You can view solution training progress or statistics to determine if a solution is available or how long the next training cycle might take to complete.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or ml_admin

About this task

Solution training involves these steps.
  1. Fetching files for training. The system downloads the training records and sends them to the nearest training service.
  2. Preparing the data. The system removes duplicate records from the training set.
  3. Training the solution. The training service trains the solution.
  4. Uploading the trained solution. The training service uploads the solution as attachment records.


  1. Navigate to Agent Intelligence > Classification > Solutions or Agent Intelligence > Similarity > Solutions.
  2. In the ML Solutions list, select the solution whose progress or statistics you want to view.
    For example, select Incident Categorization to see the training history.
  3. In the Related Links section, click Show training progress.
    Training times vary based on the number of records and classes within the training set. The more records and classes you use, the longer the training can take. For example, a data set containing 100,000 records and several hundred classes can take around five hours to complete.

    The system shows a Training Progress pop-up window.

    Solution training progress pop-up window showing that training succeeded.

What to do next

For classification solutions, see Review classification solution statistics.

For similarity solutions, see Review similarity solution examples and scores.