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Get started with Advanced Work Assignment

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Get started with Advanced Work Assignment

To implement Advanced Work Assignment, complete these initial configuration and setup steps.

Before you begin

Role required: awa_admin and admin


  1. Activate the Advanced Work Assignment plugin for your instance.
  2. Activate related AWA plugins to enable base system service channels and the Performance Analytics Solution for AWA.
    For example, activate the Agent Chat plugin to enable the Chat service channel and Agent Chat in Agent Workspace.
  3. Configure the service channels that you activated.
  4. Create agent groups to which work items are assigned.
    Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Groups) and click New to create a new group.
  5. Create work item queues for your service channels.
  6. Configure the work assignment rules used to push work to the appropriate agents.
  7. Set the controls that agents use to manage their availability states and assignments in Agent Workspace.