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Domain separation in Advanced Work Assignment

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Domain separation in Advanced Work Assignment

This overview describes domain separation in the Advanced Work Assignment feature. Domain separation enables you to separate data, processes, and administrative tasks into logical groupings called domains. You can then control several aspects of this separation, including which users can see and access data.


Support: Level 2

Advanced Work Assignment enables the automatic assignment of work items to qualified agents using work item queues defined for specific service channels. Managed Service Providers can create domain-specific queues by specifying a particular domain as a queue routing condition.

How domain separation works in Advanced Work Assignment

When an instance has a domain hierarchy where users and groups belong to different domains, you may need to restrict the visibility of work items to certain agents in a domain. You may also need to ensure that work items are routed to agents in the proper domain. AWA admins can configure service channels and associated work item queues to:
Route work by domains
To push work items to agents in domains where only certain tasks or interactions are visible to them, use a routing condition that routes those items to the appropriate queues. For example:
  • To restrict a queue to only items that match exactly to a particular domain X, specify this condition: [Domain] [is] [X]
  • To route all work items in domain X and its child domains to a queue, use the Domain Path field and specify a condition such as: [Domain Path] [starts with] [!!!/!!#/]
Assign work to agents in the appropriate domain
To assign work items to agents in the appropriate domain, ensure that the assignment groups specified in the queue Eligibility Assignment pools have agents that belong to the domains where they can see the work items routed to the queue.

If a mismatch occurs, and agents in an eligible assignment group cannot see a work item in a queue, AWA may temporarily assign an item to an agent. However, before the item is moved to the agent's inbox, AWA automatically rejects the assignment with the reason No access. AWA reassigns the work item to a different agent who might have access. If none of the available agents can see the work item, the item could be rejected multiple times. The item can get stuck in the queue until the AWA admin can correct the eligible assignment configuration.