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Create a record from a problem or incident

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Create a record from a problem or incident

Problem managers can initiate structured problem analysis from an existing problem or incident, typically after situation appraisal information has been added to that problem or incident.

  1. Open the relevant problem or incident record.
  2. Right-click the form header and select Initiate Structured Problem Analysis.

    The new problem analysis record is created with the problem or incident number in the Parent field.

    Figure 1. Creates SPA from problem
    Creates SPA from problem
  3. Fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Structured problem analysis record fields
    Field Description
    Number An automatically-generated record ID.
    Parent The number of the problem or incident record from which the problem analysis record was created.
    State The current stage of the problem analysis. The state can be Assigned, Work in Progress, Think Beyond the Fix, Closed, or Canceled.
    Assigned group The group assigned to work on this problem.
    Assigned to The problem manager assigned to work on this problem.
    Object(s) A text description of the object or objects affected. Forms part of the problem statement.
    Deviation The difference between the expected performance and the actual performance. Forms part of the problem statement.
    WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, EXTENT What the problem is and what it is not, where it occurs, when it occurs, and the extent of the occurrence. This information is all defined later in the process, as part of specifying the problem.
  4. Click Update.