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Find a facilities request

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Find a facilities request

Facilities administrators can locate and manage requests from the Requests tab within the workbench.

Before you begin

Role required: facilities admin


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Workbench.
  2. To help narrow your search results, you can select the campus, building, and floor number for your search.
    Note: The facilities administrator configures the number of search results returned. See Facilities visualization workbench configuration.
    Campus and floor selection
    By default, facilities administrators can see all requests for the selected level displayed in the right side pane. Red pins (red pin icon shows where facilities requests for floor plan.) depict those requests on the floor plan.
  3. Continue with one of the following options.
    To see all requests assigned to you Select Assigned to me check box.
    To search for a request
    1. On the Requests tab, enter the request number or the name of the user who made the request.
    2. Press the Enter key to submit your search criteria.
    Search results are returned in the following order:
    • Current Level
    • Other in Campus
    • Other Campuses
  4. Continue with one of the following options.
    To see request details Click the request number.
    To see tasks associated with a request Click the task number under the request.
    To see the location on the floor plan Click the pin ( Pin icon that shows a location on floor plan.) icon.