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Create a coaching discipline (legacy)

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Create a coaching discipline (legacy)

A coaching discipline describes the relationship between a process that can be improved, the coaches, and the coachees. For example, one discipline might associate the Service Desk group with the Madrid Coaching group for activities within the Incident table.

About this task

Administrators can create new coaching disciplines.


  1. Navigate to Coaching Loops > Coaching Disciplines.
  2. Click New to open a new Coaching Discipline form.
    Figure 1. Coaching Discipline form
  3. Populate the fields as appropriate.
    Table 1. Coaching Discipline form
    Field Description
    Short description Enter a brief description of the coaching discipline being created.
    Discipline [Required] Select the table representing the work area or topic to be evaluated.
    Condition Use the condition builder to define a coachable situation. Conditions for disciplines are primarily static such as when the priority of an incident is high or critical.
    Active Select this check box to have the discipline evaluated for coaching. Clear the check box to discontinue evaluation of the discipline.
    Order [Required] Enter a number to set the priority for evaluating disciplines. A lower order indicates a higher priority.
    Coachee Group [Required] Select the group whose members are eligible for coaching for this discipline.
    Coaching Group [Required] Select the group whose members are eligible to provide coaching for this discipline.
    User peer reviewers Select peers who can review the work of the coachee. Peers are individuals involved in the event that triggered the coaching assessment. For example, a peer could be the system technician to whom the service desk technician (coachee) hands off an assignment. The systems technician can provide peer feedback in addition to the feedback provided by the coach. Peer reviewers must have the cl_admin role to complete an assessment.
    Group peer reviewers Add a group of peers who can review the work of the coachee. Group peer previewers act in the same manner as single user peer reviewers. Multiple groups can be added.
    Assessment duration Set the time in which a coaching assessment must be completed. If the assessment is not completed in this duration, ServiceNow automatically closes the assessment as Closed Incomplete.
    Sample Size (%) [Required] Specify the percentage of coaching opportunities (critical moments) that generate coaching assessments. This helps limit coaching to a manageable number if too many events occur that meet the criteria for creating a coaching assessment.
    Take first coaching opportunity Select this check box to disregard the Sample Size if a user has not been coached for longer than the period specified in the Time to look back field.
    Time to look back Specify a time frame to use in combination with the Take first coaching opportunity field. If this amount of time has passed since a user's last coaching assessment, the coach should take the first opportunity to work with the user again. This field appears only if the Take the first coaching opportunity check box is selected.
    Coach on every opportunity Select the users who should be coached on every opportunity. For example, the selected users might be new hires and others who require additional coaching.
  4. Click Submit.