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Vulnerability Response integrations

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Vulnerability Response integrations

Vulnerability Response includes support for third-party integrations. Included in this section are some basic guidelines for developing your own integrations.

Third-party integrations

Vulnerability integrations enrich the vulnerability data on your instance by retrieving data from external systems and vendors.

Third-party integrations are treated separately. If more than one third-party integration application is in use in your environment there is no vulnerable item (VI) deduplication across integrations. For example, VI deduplication between Rapid7 and Qualys is not available.

However, mismatches in detection count between a third-party scanner (for example, Qualys) to VIs in your ServiceNow instance are expected, since we dedupe across IPs, ports and so on.

Vulnerability Response supports the following third-party integrations:

Manually created integrations

Vulnerability Response includes the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) integration. See Configure and manage NVD, CWE, and third-party data libraries for more information.

Vulnerability Response includes the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). You can add others that are not available as ServiceNow Store applications, as needed.