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Create Security Operations workflow triggers

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Create Security Operations workflow triggers

Create a workflow trigger that contains a condition on a table. .

Before you begin

Roles required:
  • To read:
  • To create or update: sn_sec_cmn.write
  • To delete: sn_sec_cmn.admin
Security Operations contains several workflow triggers in the base system:
Configuration item changes on an active Security Incident
Uses integration to enrich CI-related data as configuration items change.
Rescan vulnerable group
Rescans a vulnerable group, using the Scan vulnerability workflow, when you Close/Ignore the group.
Rescan vulnerable item
Rescans a vulnerable item, using the Scan vulnerability item workflow when you Close/Ignore the item.


  1. Navigate to Security Operations > Utilities > Workflow Triggers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Workflow Triggers
    Field Description
    Name The name of the workflow trigger.
    Description Enter a description for the workflow trigger.
    Table The table containing the workflow trigger.

    If you selected the Use filter group check box and selected a filter group, this field defaults to the table associated with the selected filter group.

    Condition Use the condition builder to define the criteria for the workflow trigger.

    If you selected the Use filter group check box and selected a filter group, the Condtion fields are not displayed.

    Active Select this check box to activate the workflow trigger.
    Use filter group Select this check box to use a predefined filter group or create a new filter group to define the workflow trigger criteria.
    Filter group Select the filter group to use for defining workflow triggers.

    This field appears only if the Use filter groups check box is selected.

  4. When you have completed your entries, right-click in the form header and select Save.
    WorkflowTriggers with filters example
    The Workflows tab appears. It contains workflows that are run when all filter conditions or filter group conditions are met.
  5. To add workflows, perform these steps.
    1. In the Workflows tab, click Edit.
    2. Use the condition builder, if needed, to locate the workflows you want to select, or use the slushbucket to select workflows and move them to the Workflows List.
    3. Click Save.
    The selected workflows are added.
  6. Click Update.