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Removed features and products in Madrid

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Removed features and products in Madrid

Cumulative release notes summary on features that were removed from Madrid features and products.

Removed features

Some features were removed as part of Madrid product updates.
Application or feature Details
Application Portfolio Management
  • End date of a life cycle phase has been removed from the TPM timeline. The start date of a subsequent life cycle phase marks the end date of the prior phase.
  • Preconfigured indicators including Total opex, Total capex, External labor cost, and Cost of support have been removed from Application Portfolio Management.
Continual Improvement Management
Continual Improvement Management properties removed. All task types are set by default.
  • List of comma-separated task types to which Create Improvement Initiative UI action can be added (sn_cim.show_cim_ui_action)
  • List of task types which can be created from Improvement Initiative (sn_cim.show_derivative_task_ui_action_cim_initiative)
  • List of task types which can be created from Improvement Task (sn_cim.show_derivative_task_ui_action_cim_task)

The Implementing task field and the Knowledge field on the CIM Task form were removed because they were replaced by related lists.

These Shazzam probe parameters were deprecated in the Madrid release:
  • DNS_alternativePort: Defines an alternative port number for the DNS scanner.
  • NBT_alternativePort: Defines an alternative port number for the NBT scanner.
  • SNMP_alternativePort: Defines the alternative port number for the SNMP scanner.
Financial Management
  • The Chart of Accounts stage has been removed from the Financial Management Workbench tab.
HR Service Delivery
  • The preconfigured Workday integration was removed from the HR Integrations application.
On-Call Scheduling
  • The com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.approval.required property has been replaced with the com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.configuration property. For upgrade customers, the com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.configuration property is automatically updated with the com.snc.on_call_rotation.pto.approval.required property value selected in the pre-upgrade instance.
Performance Analytics
  • Detailed Scorecard, replaced by the new Analytics Hub (see New in the Madrid Release). The Analytics Hub does not support the following detailed scorecard functionality in this release:
    • Cannot visualize scores calculation for formula indicators on the Info panel.
  • The following properties for the Detailed Scorecard are deprecated. They do not affect the Analytics Hub:
Problem Management
  • Post News: Deprecated the Post News UI action in Knowledge v3.
  • Post knowledge: Deprecated the Post knowledge UI action and introduced the Create Known Error Article link.
  • Create Knowledge: Removed the Create Knowledge from Problem plugin (com.snc.problem_kb).
  • Resolve incidents: Removed the Resolved incidents UI action.
  • Closed Problem: Removed the Close Problem UI action.
Project Portfolio Management
  • The following dashboards that were installed with the PPM plugin (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo) have been deprecated:
    • Portfolio manager dashboard
    • Program manager dashboard
    • PMO director
  • The following homepages that were installed as part of the PPM plugin (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo) have been deprecated:
    • Project Manager Dashboard
    • Project Manager Dashboard (FIN)
    • Program Manager Dashboard
    • Program Manager Dashboard (FIN)
    • Portfolio Manager Dashboard
    • Portfolio Manager (FIN) Dashboard
    • PMO Director Dashboard
    • PMO Director Dashboard (FIN)
    • Project Workbench Dashboard
    Note: Existing and upgrade customers can still access these dashboards and homepages. Alternatively, you can use the enhanced features available in Investment Portal, Project Workspace, and the new Madrid PMO dashboard.
  • The Performance Analytics – Content Pack – Project Portfolio Suite ( plugin has been deprecated.
  • The option to change planned start date of a project through Portfolio Workbench has been removed. Instead, use the Move project option from the Planning Console or Project form.
Vulnerability Response
  • Version 8.0: Vulnerability Calculator Groups have been renamed Vulnerability Calculators and the group module no longer exists.
  • Version 7.0: Manual creation of third-party vulnerabilities has been removed.
Walk-up Experience
  • The Queue field is deprecated in the Interaction [interaction] table. TheLocation field replaces the Queue field to indicate the physical address of a walk-up queue. The walk-up interaction depends on the platform interaction model because the Advanced Work Assignment system uses a unique queuing concept.
  • For security purposes, the survey_admin contained role has been removed from the sn_walkup.walkup_admin role.