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Service Portal release notes

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Service Portal release notes

ServiceNow® Service Portal product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Service Portal is a portal framework that helps you build a mobile-friendly self-service experience.

New in the Madrid release

Error messages appear for invalid TinyMCE property configurations
View an error message when you enter an invalid entry for TinyMCE toolbars, fonts, and font families.
Use multifactor authentication with Service Portal
Configure your instance to support multifactor authentication for login in Service Portal. If you configure your instance to require multifactor authentication, your users are automatically directed to set up multifactor authentication upon initial login. For setup instructions, see Set up multifactor authentication upon initial login. If multifactor authentication is optional on your instance, your users can still enable or disable authentication from their user profile.
Use date picker with screenreader and keyboard
Access date picker in Service Portal via screen reader, mobile screen reader, mouse and keyboard, and touch devices.
Activate La Jolla theme branding
Activate the Service Portal La Jolla brand to apply the latest ServiceNow branding, which meets WCAG-AA standard for color contrast. This plugin is active by default on new instances, but you must activate the plugin on instances that are upgraded from earlier versions.

Changed in this release

Debug runtime information disabled by default
In new instances, the Angular.js flag $compileProvider.debugInfoEnabled is set to false. This flag allows debug runtime information in the compiler, such as adding binding information and a reference to the current scope on Document Object Model (DOM) elements. Disabling this flag can make a significant difference in performance. Re-enable this flag for debugging by setting the glide.sp.debug property to true.
Dependency changes for Service Portal widgets
You must add ng-sortable.min.js and angular-tooltips-1.1.8 as dependencies for any custom widgets that use this functionality. To improve instance performance, these dependencies are no longer loaded by default. The upgrade includes these dependencies where needed in all out-of-box widgets that require them. Any custom widgets that rely on these scripts must be updated to include them.
Multiple catalog support
Associate one or more Service Catalogs with a portal. Service Portal search returns results from all associated catalogs. By default, the base system Service Portal is associated with Service Catalog.
Multiple knowledge base support
Associate one or more knowledge bases with a portal. Service Portal search returns results from all associated knowledge bases. By default, the base system Service Portal is associated with the IT knowledge base.

Activation information

Service Portal is active by default on new instances. For upgraded instances, activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin (com.glide.service-portal.esm) if you have the admin role. Activating the Service Portal plugin does not affect any existing Content Management System (CMS) configuration. For more information, see Content Management and Service Portal.