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Madrid Patch 6

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Madrid Patch 6

The Madrid Patch 6 release contains important problem fixes.

Madrid Patch 6 was released on August 08, 2019.
Build date: 07-29-2019_1528
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch6-07-24-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid Patch 6 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid Patch 6, refer to KB0755809.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets



The 'Required information' section is empty when the title of the variable set is the same as the name of a mandatory variable An error appears in the console panel, and the 'Required information' section is empty.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Quick messages do not render accurately in the email client template Quick messages do not render accurately in the email client template. The <div> tags are inserted around the new line characters.
  1. Create a table in a quick message that has two rows and one column.
  2. In the first row, type Thank you for replying to this email. in one line and We will get back to you soon enough. in another line.
  3. In the second row, type Regards, in one line followed by the name of the agent in another line.
  4. Open an existing case record or create a case.
  5. Click the Email button in the upper right tab of the case form.
  6. Select the quick message you just created.

Notice that the rendering is incorrect as the <div> tags are incorrectly added in the email.



After the Madrid upgrade, the SCCM 2016 Software and the SCCM 2016 Software (AI) data sources fail with SQL syntax errors In Madrid, the SCCM 2016 Software and the SCCM 2016 Software (AI) data sources select statements are incorrect. This also happens to the SCCM 2012 Software and the SCCM 2012 Software (AI) data sources.

Service Catalog


The lookup select box pointing to a large data set can trigger the low memory condition The lookup select box pointing to a large data set may cause the Service Catalog item form to hang. This may lead to node-wide low memory and can cause performance degradation.



The Windows discovery using the MID service account fails If users use only the service account on the MID Server service for their Windows credential and do not have any Windows credentials in the credential table of the instance, all Windows discovery probes return details from the MID Server host and not the target that is meant to be scanned. The WMI classify probe returns the hostname of the MID Server, not the target.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

App Client UI


Duplicate sys_store_app records can be generated due to the script include 'sn_appclient.UpdateChecker', causing upgrades to fail with errors

Application Portfolio Management (APM)


Unable to add the hint to the business application fields when the field label is against the base cmdb_ci table



Cannot pass a dynamic 'list' of users for approval into the 'Ask for Approval' action While it is possible to select a 'field' of the type 'list' as a dynamic feeder for the 'When' clause of a rule in the 'Ask for Approval' action, it is not possible to pass a parameter of the type 'list' there, which means the approvers, if multiple, cannot be dynamically built in a flow.
  1. Open Flow Designer.
  2. Navigate to the Actions tab.
  3. Click New > Create New Action.
  4. Create a custom action which contains the sys_id of users that are going to be considered as approvers or the logic to dynamically generate the list of approvers.
  5. Create a flow in Flow Designer and set the trigger to 'Service Catalog'.
  6. Use the action created in Step 4.
  7. Add the 'Ask for Approval' action.
  8. Click the 'Ask for Approval' action, and try to set the list from Step 6 in 'Anyone Approves'.

Notice that the error 'List is not allowed here.' occurs, and you are not able to pass the list generated from an action as an input.

Asynchronous Message Bus



The Asynchronous Message Bus (AMB) JS client does not correctly re-subscribe to channels after a disconnect If users navigate away from Safari to another app such as Messages or Email and then back to Safari after a minute, the AMB will not be correctly connected and new messages will not show.
  1. Open two windows with different users and start a chat.
  2. Disconnect the internet for more than 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect the internet.
  4. Try resuming the chat between the two users.

Notice that the second user does not get the message you attempt to send.

AWA: Routing and Assignment


The work item state is not updated when the interaction is manually unassigned and in the new state
  1. Activate and load the demo data for the Walk-up Experience plugin (com.snc.walkup).
  2. Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Presence States.
  3. Open the Available state.
  4. Add a walk-up to the service channel and enable the active flag.
  5. Create a sys_user with the sn_walkup.walkup_technician role.
  6. Add this sys_user to one of the demo data assignment groups (either San Diego Tech Lounge or Santa Clara Tech Lounge).
  7. Impersonate the walk-up user.
  8. Navigate to Walk-up Experience > Walk-up Portal.
  9. Select a location.
  10. Click Check-in and fill out the form.
  11. Impersonate the user with the walkup_technician role and open Agent Workspace.
  12. Set the status to 'Available'.

    The work item for the interaction should appear in the inbox.

  13. Accept the interaction.
  14. Click the ellipses icon and click the Re-queue UI action.
  15. In another window, navigate to the awa_work_item list.

    The work item for the interaction should have a state of 'Accepted'. After five minutes, the interaction state should be reset from 'On Hold' to 'New'.

Notice that a new work item for the interaction is not created and thus does not appear in the agent's inbox.



The Connect Support 'Create Incident' action is not displaying after the conversation is transferred to another queue
  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Make sure the 'connect_action' is available.

    Refer to Administer Connect actions for more information.

  3. Create two groups (sys_user_group): testgroup1 and testgroup2.
  4. Create two users and add the ITIL role: testuser1 (belonging to testgroup1), and testuser2 (belonging to testgroup2).
  5. Create two 'chat_queue' records: QUEUE A (assignment group: testgroup1), and QUEUE B (assignment group: testgroup2).
  6. Use the 'Support link' URL from QUEUE A, and as the administrator, generate a chat.
  7. Impersonate 'testuser1' and accept the chat.

    Notice that the 'Create Incident' connect action is in the chat frame.

  8. Click Transfer to transfer it to the 'QUEUE B' chat queue.
  9. Impersonate 'testuser2' and accept the chat again.

Notice that the 'Create Incident' connect action is not visible to the new agent belonging to the transferred queue (QUEUE B in this case).

Cloud Management Application


The 'Sanitize Tag Fields' business rule can cause an infinite loop when the tag name reaches the 127-character limit The following error occurs repeatedly when running Cloud Discovery on a specific region and specific method: 'sensor error: transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded'. One or more records in sn_cmp_tag _name are at the 127-character limit.

Cloud Management Application


VM is configured with incorrect memory and CPU Sometimes, after the VM is provisioned, if the VMware tools installation is still in progress, initializing a VM shutdown can lead to the exception com.vmware. vim25. ToolsUnavailable.

Customer Service Management


When trying to access inbound email action records belonging to the Case table in the customer service application scope, the system hangs while the record is still loading

Customer Service Management


Special handling notes are not fully displayed in Agent Workspace
  1. Activate Workspace and CSM.
  2. Create a special handling note with a long short description and a long message text.
  3. Navigate to Agent Workspace.
  4. Create a case or open the case assigned to the special handling note.

Notice that the special handling note is not fully visible.

Dashboards and Home Pages


Users are not able to see the dashboard and a blank page with the text 'Sorry!' appears




Provisioning of VMware virtual machines (VM) fails with duplicate relationships when the vCenter event collector is active
  1. Start the vCenter event collector on a busy vCenter, and pick a vCenter on which VMs are frequently created and destroyed.
  2. Let the vCenter collect events for a few days.
  3. Search for duplicate relationships between a VM and its datacenter.
  4. Attempt to perform an action in CMP that requires identification of that VM.




Discovery may fail to create unique CIs for ESX servers if they share the same serial number

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




Pattern temporary variables are truncated to 1024 characters (hardcoded max value)

When using Parse file to set the temporary table field, if the string users are setting is longer than 1024 characters, it is truncated, because 1024 is a hardcoded value.

Refer to MID Server parameters for more information.

  1. Use the Parse file step on a pattern.
  2. Parse a value (greater than 1024 characters) from the file to a temporary variable column on a temporary variable table.

Notice that it is truncated to 1024 characters. As such, when the CI is updated with that value, the value on the CI's field has only the truncated 1024 characters.

Domain Support


Loading groups as the first query the user executes can cause issues with the domain group visibility when the group cache is cleared

Domain Support


The getMy Groups() does not work in scoped applications The getMyGroups() does not work in scoped applications. It returns null instead of the group associated with the user.

Edge Encryption


The cache of the keys is cleared on the instance causing the proxy to pull the keys and re-register itself The cache of the keys is cleared on the instance causing the proxy to pull the keys and re-register itself to perform the validation of keys among proxies. This causes the Edge proxy to re-register every time the cache is cleared.

Event Management


The JVM is restarted due to the out of memory error caused by the job Event Management - Impact Calculator Trigger

Event Management


The Event Management dashboard loads Service Mapping slowly Many calls to serviceTreeData cause the Event Management dashboard to load slowly and lock out the browser.

Event Management


Unable to navigate through the nodes, applications, and the database instances in any of the service maps

When users try to access the application service in the map view, the map freezes and it is unable to navigate through the nodes, applications, and the database instances in any of the service maps.

The problem happens to the synchronization between the service map and the big impact graph (more than 1K nodes). To avoid this problem, set the property impact.tree.highlight to 'true'. The default value of the property is 'false' for backward compatibility.

Event Management


The impact status is calculated incorrectly on OS cluster The impact calculation calculates the incorrect severity for business services containing OS cluster.

Event Management


Reduce the number of alerts from 10,000 for the grouping job and add protection for graph reuse



Issues with the related list conditions when running a report The following issues with the related list conditions occur when running a report:
  • When using multiple 'contains' conditions with an 'OR' condition, only the first condition is considered.
  • When using an 'is' operator with an 'OR' condition and dot-walking, only the first condition is considered.

Same issues are observed from a list view with List v3 enabled.

Flow Designer


Flow Designer allows recording updates from different application scopes in a single update set When editing scoped flows and subflows in Flow Designer, users do not need to switch to the correct scopes to edit them. For example, even if users are in the global scope working in a global update set, they can still edit flows in the HR scope without switching. Thus, users will have updates from the HR scope in the global update set, and it is impossible for users to commit that update set without moving the invalid updates into another update set in the correct scope.

Flow Designer


The flow fails to load after being loaded as an application when it calls a subflow which calls an action When importing an application with a flow which calls a subflow that calls an action (all defined in the one application), it may fail to open in Flow Designer and an error occurs.
  1. Create an application in Studio.
  2. Add an action that takes one input string and has one output string, and make sure to set the action's application to the current one.
  3. Add a subflow that takes one input string which calls the action you just created, and then logs the action's output string.
  4. Add a flow that is triggered 'once' and calls that subflow.
  5. Export the application to GitHub.
  6. Import the application into a second instance.
  7. Attempt to open the flow or subflow in Flow Designer.

Notice that the following error occurs: 'Action Type Definition with Id of fab8eb6bdb 322300aee9765f3696199b is missing. Close tab.'

Flow Designer


Intermittent display of the encoded value in the flow name In Flow Designer, the encoded HTML value of the apostrophe sometimes appears in the flow name.
  1. Create a flow with the following name: This is a test flow with a single quote '.
  2. Save the flow, and then close the flow.

Notice that in the list view of the flows, the single quote is displayed as '&#39;'.

Flow Designer


The Name/Values variables break after adding an action to a flow in Flow Designer The action with a 'Name/Values' input variable breaks after saving the flow. The Name/Values added to the variable will disappear, and clicking Add to add a new one does not do anything. An error appears in the console.
  1. Create an action in Flow Designer.
  2. Add one input variable of the type Name/Values.
  3. Add the action to a flow, and add some Name/Values.

    Some of the values can be dynamically selected from the trigger.

  4. Save the flow.
  5. Edit the action in the flow by clicking the step.

    Notice that there are no Name/Values in the input.

  6. Try to add a new one.

Notice that nothing happens. In the console, you can see an error appears saying 'e.find is not a function'.

Flow Designer


The 'Wait for a duration' summary calculates and displays the date in mm/dd/yyyy when the system date format is dd/mm/yyyy
  1. On a Madrid instance, create a simple flow with the wait activity, for example, wait for 2 hours then create an incident.
  2. Run the test.
  3. Set the date format to dd/mm/yyyy in System Properties > Basic Configuration.
  4. Run this test on 10 June, 2019.

Notice that the test execution of this activity shows 'Timer is scheduled to wake up on Sunday, October 6th, 2019' instead of Monday, June 10th, 2019. However, when the date format is changed to mm/dd/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd, the date is calculated and displayed correctly.

Flow Designer


The flow engine causes out of memory issues on the instance when executing multi-level nested subflows

Flow Designer


Editing nested subflows results in incomplete reporting When chaining nested subflows, editing a subflow causes the flow report to show the nested subflow as not run.
  1. Create and publish a subflow S2 that logs 'hello'.
  2. Create and publish a subflow S1 that logs 'hello' and then calls S2.
  3. Create and activate a flow F1 that calls S1.
  4. Use the Test button to run F1.
  5. Edit S1 so that it logs 'hello2'.
  6. Edit S2 so that it logs 'hello2'.
  7. Use the Test button to run F1.

Notice that the second report shows the log action of S2 as not run.

Forms and Fields


Homepages and dashboards create sys_ cache_flush entries (sys cache_related_ list_user_ personalization, syscache_jelly_ script, syscache_ realform) When homepages have reports on them, every execution creates many cache entries into the sys_cache_flush table. If a user has set up many reports like this and they are executed multiple times, it could lead up to thousands of entries in the sys_cache_flush table and synchronization can be slowed down between nodes.

Human Resources Service Management


Firefox does not provide a scroll bar in the 'Ask a Question' chat window

Human Resources Service Management


When using 'Ask a Question' from the HR Portal on a to-do, users are seeing duplicate comments

Import / Export


Issue regarding the max open cursor with Change Management When a user uses the JDBCProbe scriptable to send data into the ecc_queue, which is then picked up by the MID Server and inserted into an Oracle database, the MID Server does not explicitly close the statements. Eventually, the max_open_cursors is exceeded.



The Azure AD spoke action 'Look Up User ID' hides the output variable 'Status' when the flow is activated In Flow Designer, when adding the Azure AD spoke action 'Look Up User ID', the output variable 'Status' choices are no longer shown once the flow is activated. In fact, the variable disappears completely from the flow.
  1. In a Madrid instance, enable the plugin Azure AD spoke.
  2. Create a flow.
  3. Add the action 'Look Up User ID' which is provided as part of the Azure AD spoke.
  4. Add an IF condition that evaluates the 'Status' choice, and verify that a list of values can be selected to evaluate the IF condition for 'Status'.
  5. Activate the flow.

Notice that the list of values is no longer shown and the 'Status' variable disappears from the flow.



Remove the 'Deprecated' tag from the IntegrationHub runtime plugin name

Knowledge Management


The author cannot retire the KB article if it is revised and re-published by another user (versioned articles) The authors cannot see the Retire UI action if their versioned article is updated and published by another user. However, the authors should have the ability to retire a versioned article even if it is updated or revised by another applicable user and then re-published.
  1. Create a KB article as Abel Tuter.
  2. Impersonate another user who may check out the versioned article.
  3. Check out the above KB article.
  4. Edit the article and then publish it.
  5. Reload the KB article.

    Notice that the impersonated user may 'Checkout' and 'Retire'.

  6. Impersonate the author Abel Tuter again.
  7. Navigate to the KB article.

Notice that Abel Tuter can only see the Checkout UI action.

Knowledge Management


The Yes/No rating options of the question 'Helpful?' are still visible even though glide.know man.show_yn_ rating is set to 'false' The Yes/No options of the question 'Helpful?' in the portal article view page are not honoring the property glide.knowman.show_yn_rating.
  1. In any London instance, make sure the property glide.knowman.show_ rating_options is checked.
  2. Set the property _yn_rating to 'false'.
  3. View a KB article.

Notice that the Yes/No rating options of the question 'Helpful?' are visible. However, they should not be visible.

Knowledge Management



The property is ignored by knowledge portal widgets
  1. Log in to a Madrid instance and set the property show_rating to 'false'.
  2. Navigate to /kb and use the search bar to search for a random keyword, for example, test.

Expected behavior: Knowledge search results should not display ratings, and the behavior should be coherent with searching from /$ where the property is properly considered.

Actual behavior: Search ratings are displayed, and the property show_rating is ignored.

Mobile (Classic)


Incorrect timestamps for activity streams show up in the ServiceNow Agent mobile app when the timezone is set to various values, for example, Europe/London, US/Eastern, and Europe/Amsterdam
  1. Change the following system property to the value 'Europe/London'.
  2. Clear cache.
  3. Assign an incident or wm_task to the system administrator, and set the timezone field value of the system admin sys_user record to 'System' or 'Europe/London'.
  4. Log in to the ServiceNow Agent mobile app as the above system administrator, and access the above record.
  5. Add a work note.

Notice that the timestamp registers as ''Europe/London' + 3 hours'. The ServiceNow Agent mobile app shows incorrect timestamps ('Europe/London' + 3hours) for activity streams when is set to 'Europe/London'. However, if you open the same record from desktop, the timestamp correctly shows as 'Europe/London', which is the user's current timezone in the instance.

On-call Scheduling


Issues with the on-call workbench when the date format is 'MM-dd-yyyy' The following two issues related to the on-call workbench occur when the date format is 'MM-dd-yyyy':
  • The number of members shows as 0 under the Shifts tab of the on-call workbench.
  • If the on-call members have the 'to' and 'from' dates defined, they are unable to access the workbench.

On-call Scheduling


Issues with on-call pages when the date format is MM-dd-yyyy

On-call Scheduling


Duplicate coverage spans are created when the end time is less than the roster end time
  1. Log in as the rota_admin and navigate to on-call calendars.
  2. Open any group with 8-5 timings.
  3. Click the primary span and provide coverage with another member in the group.
  4. Provide coverage again for primary with a different user and reduce the end time 3 hours less than the actual end time of the roster.
  5. Click the schedule.

Notice that both spans are created.

Performance Analytics



The Performance Analytics scores migration fails if there is not enough space to accommodate the new tables

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Performance Analytics


The error 'java. lang.NullPointer Exception' appears on the $ page The $ page shows the 'java.lang. NullPointerException' error when users do not have read access to the 'pa_favorites' table record. This issue starts showing up after the Madrid upgrade.
  1. Navigate to a Madrid instance.
  2. Create a read ACL on the pa_favorites.* table, and give access only to admin users.
  3. Log in as a non-admin user.
  4. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Analytics Hub.
  5. Mark any of the dashboards as favorites.
  6. Click any indicator.

Notice that the page opens with the 'java.lang.NullPointer Exception' error.



ORA-00934 error when running reports in instances with Oracle database Reports with 'group by' and 'related list' conditions generate invalid Oracle SQL, throwing ORA-00934 errors.
  1. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  2. Fill in the report with the following settings:
    1. Data:
      • Report name: test
      • Source type: table
      • Table: Catalog Item [sc_cat_item]
    2. Type: Other - List
    3. Configure:
      • Group by: Name
  3. Open the condition builder by clicking the funnel icon with the following settings:
    • CONDITIONS: [Active] [is] [True]
    • RELATED LIST CONDITIONS: Request item->Item
  4. Run the report.

The following error message appears on the form: 'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (ORA-00934: group function is not allowed here)'.



Issues with thread deadlocks and instance nodes restarting Applying update sets can trigger a system-wide cache flush, which can result in all the UI nodes restarting.

Platform Security


'Restrict to roles' does not return dashboards when required roles are marked for elevation If a role is marked to be elevated and is added to a PA 'Restrict to roles' list, the dashboard shows a 'Sorry' no access page upon elevation of the role.
  1. Install the com.sn_hr_lifecycle_events plugin.
  2. Navigate to the role 'sn_hr_le.case_reader' and check the elevated privilege checkbox.
  3. Give a user the 'sn_hr_le.case_reader' role and log in as the user.
  4. Search for 'Lifecycle Event Cases View' in the navigation bar with elevating the role.

    Confirm that you do not see the module.

  5. Elevate the role from the drop-down list shown under the profile name on the top-right corner.
  6. Search for 'Lifecycle Event Cases View' again.

    Notice that it shows the module now.

  7. Click the module.

Notice that the 'Sorry' form appears.

Project Management


Under certain circumstances, custom date fields on tables that use recalculate are updated by recalculate Custom date fields can change their value to a one day difference compared to what they were saved, as if they are on a table that is using recalculate for other date/time fields. For example, this can happen to pm_project and pm_project task.

Project Portfolio Management


The expense line for the project is not taken into consideration when doing the forecast When an expense line is created for a project and has no cost plan associated, the forecast calculation will not take its value into consideration.
  1. On an instance with PPM with Financials, make sure to have an FY19 forecast period open, such as FY19-M07.
  2. Create a project.
  3. Create a cost plan for the project.
  4. Set the start and end periods to 'FY19-M01 to FY19-M12'.
  5. Set the value of the cost plan to 120.000 and get the 10.000 per month breakdown.
  6. Create an expense line with the following settings:
    1. Set the value to 2.000.
    2. Set the date to 2018-04-01 and the processed date to 2018-04-01 12:00:00.
    3. Set the state to processed.
    4. Set the cost plan to the one created before.
  7. Save.
  8. On the project form, click the 'Calculate Estimate at Completion' related link.

    Notice that the forecast amount is changed by the same amount as the expense line created.

  9. Create an expense line with the same definitions but leave the cost plan empty.
  10. Repeat the 'Calculate Estimate at Completion' process on the project form.

Notice that the actuals are updated but the forecast is not.

Project Portfolio Management


The Project Financials benefit plans grid shows the error message 'Unexpected error has occurred while fetching data'

Project Portfolio Management


The cost plan UI view creates incorrect cost plan breakdowns

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


If the catalog item is not cached, $SP.canRead Record against sc_category in the server script results in invalid input object When calling $sp.canReadRecord() against a catalog category, the input object is being overwritten with the sys_id of a workflow that belongs to an item within that category. This can cause issues if the widget later tries to access a variable passed to it from the client.

Service Catalog: Service Portal Widgets


For the multi-row variable set, the date field shows today's date on a produced record with the com_glideapp_questionset_ default_question_editor macro For the multi-row variable set with a date field in it, if the record producer is submitted with a date with a format other than yyyy-MM-dd, the date variable shows today's date instead of the date selected by the user. This happens to the form that uses the com_glideapp_questionset_default _question_editor UI macro in the formatter.
  1. On the incident form, add the 'Incident Variable Editor' UI macro on the form layout.
  2. Navigate to the sc_cat_item_producer table.
  3. Open the entry for 'Create Incident'.
  4. Create a multi-row variable set on this.
  5. Create a date variable on the variable set.
  6. Change the system date preference to dd/MM/yyyy.
  7. Navigate to Service Portal and open the 'Create Incident'.
  8. Select the date as any future date or past date but not today's date.
  9. Submit the record producer.
  10. Come to the native UI and search for the incident.

Notice that the date variable is showing today's date.

Service Mapping


The event queue processing is slow due to too many discovery. device.complete events in the event queue

Software Asset Management Professional


Add the condition to the recc approval notification When a reclamation candidate is created with the 'Notify user' checked, a notification is sent out to the user. The notification that used to do this (recc approval) currently does not have a condition, which means when SAMP is installed, for all of the approvals created (not for reclamation candidates), a notification is sent with this email content instead of the default one.

Software Asset Management Professional


For the Box integration, send the files from the reclaimed user to the admin who authenticates the integration For the Box integration, the files currently go to the user's manager in the sys_user table. They need to be sent from the reclaimed user to the admin who authenticates the integration.

Software Asset Management Professional


Change the com.sn_sam_saas_int plugin from Limited Access to General Availability Refer to SaaS License Management for more information.

Usage Analytics


The required ua_app_family data are not correctly deleted and inserted causing license checks failing on the instance The issue is caused due to corrupted data in the ua_app_family table for applications like com.glide.cs.chatbot and com.sn_hr_core.

User Experience Engineering



Disabling glide.ui.response_time causes client transactions to not be written to the syslog_ transaction table Setting the system property glide. ui.response_time to 'false' removes the response time indicator from the bottom of the page. It also stops the capture of client metrics.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

VA-Web Client


Entities such as Case or KB numbers shared via chats are not going to the correct portal Entities such as Case or KB numbers shared via chats initiated through the /csp portal are not redirected to the correct portal. After clicking the link, it is redirected to the platform UI.

Virtual Agent Platform


The Virtual Agent configured with MS Teams displays error messages After configuring the Virtual Agent to work with MS Teams, users see the following error when selecting a topic in MS Teams: 'I'm having technical issues and won't be able to continue this conversation.'

Visual Task Boards


The system property glide.ui.create_ task_type_option_list is not restricting to show task types based on the roles in the UI The system property glide.ui.create_ task_type_option_list contains the list of task types that are available in the UI to convert checklist items into tasks. It is not restricting to show task types based on the roles in the UI.
  1. Update the property glide.ui.create_ task_type_option_list with incident and problem values.
  2. From the data driven board, open any record.
  3. Under the checklist, create a checklist item.
  4. From this checklist item, create a task (problem/incident).

For example, an ITIL user does not have the access to create a problem, and only has the read and write access to the problem. If the ITIL user tries to create a problem/problem task from the checklist, the problem should not be visible to the ITIL user as the user does not have the create access. However, in this case, the ITIL user is able to see the Problem option but not able to create one.

Other Madrid Patch 6 information

MID Server parameters
The section Pattern parameters has been added.
Migrating Performance Analytics scores

Beginning with the Istanbul release, the Performance Analytics Scores [pa_scores] table was split into two tables, Scores Level 1 [pa_scores_l1] and Scores Level 2 [pa_scores_l2].

Schedule the automated migration process to move existing scores to the new table structure.

SaaS License Management
Use the ServiceNow SaaS License Management application to integrate with Box, DocuSign, Dropbox, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud services. View usage data on licenses and immediately recover unused licenses.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.