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Madrid Patch 5

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Madrid Patch 5

The Madrid Patch 5 release contains important problem fixes.

Madrid Patch 5 was released on July 11, 2019.
Build date: 07-01-2019_1425
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch5-06-26-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid Patch 5 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid Patch 5, refer to KB0746754.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Import / Export



The features 'Test Connection' and 'Browse' in LDAP can time out, and the LDAP monitor may show the connection status as 'Not Connected'
  1. Install LDAP and configure it to work through an MID Server.
  2. Identify a time when the MID Server expects to have a backlog of non-urgent Standard priority jobs, or engineer a situation like that.
  3. Open the LDAP Server form, and click Test Connection.

    The page hangs for 55 seconds and then throws an error.

  4. Look in the ecc_queue for the LDAPConnection TesterProbe topic ecc_queue output record.

Notice that it is still in the Ready or Processing state, and it will eventually be processed successfully, but the LDAP form has given up waiting by then. However, all previous outputs in the Ready state will have to run before its turn in the queue. Also notice that the Priority field of that output record is set to the default priority=2 - Standard.

Service Portal



Service Portal only accepts the 'yyyy-MM-dd' date format and the 'HH:mm:ss' time format to trigger the UI policy When users have a different date format other than 'yyyy-MM-dd', any UI policy for past and future date validations fails in Service Portal.
  1. Create a catalog item (optional).
  2. Create a variable in it as the type of date with the name start_date.
  3. Create a UI policy with the following condition:
    When to run: [start_date] [before] [today]
    Run Script: True
    Execute If true:
    function onCondition() {
    alert('true case: before today');
  4. Set the date format of the logged in user to YYYY-MM-DD.
  5. Navigate to Service Portal, and set some date prior to today.

    Notice that the alert appears.

  6. Set the date format to DD/MM/YYYY.
  7. Navigate to Service Portal, and set some date prior to today.

Expected behavior: The alert should appear.

Actual behavior: The alert does not appear.

Forms and Fields



The correct sys_popup view is not displayed for the reference fields after the configuration After the sys_popup view configuration, the customized sys_popup view is not displayed when users click the reference fields icon to preview the record. It only works when the form is in the default view.
  1. Navigate to the incident_list record.
  2. Configure the sys_popup view for sys_user.
  3. Navigate to any existing incident (the default view) and click the Assigned To reference icon.

    The sys_popup view of the sys_user view appears.

  4. Change the incident to the Major Incidents view and click the Assigned To reference icon.

Expected behavior: The sys_popup view should appear.

Actual behavior: The sys_popup view is showing only for the default view of the form.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



Reordering of the favorites does not persist after the browser refresh When a user has a large number of favorites (around 10+) in the side bar, if the order of them is switched and saved, a refresh of the page will undo the recent ordering of the favorites.
  1. Impersonate a user, for example, Fred Luddy from the demo data set.
  2. Add 10+ things to Favorites (the top-level app modules and some sub modules).
  3. Click the pencil icon in the side bar and reorder them.
  4. Save and observe the current order.
  5. Refresh the page.

Notice that the order of the favorites has not persisted.




The journal field is displayed in raw HTML format in the list view if the journal field is moved up as the first column in the list For tables that have journal field records (Additional comments / Work notes) in the form, when the journal field is moved up as the first column in the list view, the content is displayed in raw HTML format.
  1. Open an incident list.
  2. Configure the list layout.
  3. Move the Work notes field to the first position in the list layout.

Notice that the work notes are shown in raw HTML format. If you add both journal fields, the issue only occurs for the one added as the first. For example, if you add both 'Work notes' and 'Additional comments' in the list view with 'Work notes' as the first column and 'Additional comments' as the second column, the incorrect behavior only occurs for the 'Work notes' column, not the 'Additional comments' column.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


The incident state in Activities shows strange Japanese translation

Agent Intelligence



The prediction max allowed artifact size property needs to be increased to match the trainer max allowed artifact size property Sometimes the solution training happens to be successful but the prediction is failing due to the artifact size exceeding the limit. A trainer has a max allowed limit of 40MB but the prediction has a 20MB limit.
  1. Navigate to the REST API Explorer.
  2. Leave the namespace as 'now'.
  3. Select 'Agent Intelligence' as the API name and leave the API version as 'latest'.
  4. In the solution_name field, input the name of the solution trained.
  5. Populate the query parameters as needed.
  6. Click Send.

Expected behavior: The output of the JSON states the outcome, confidence, and threshold.

Actual behavior: The output of the JSON states the outcome as 'Unable to predict'.

Agent Workspace


When users click a reference field of the type task, they receive the 'workspace view not configured' error even though there is a workspace view

Agent Workspace


When a service channel is deactivated or deleted, the de-registration of channel-related record watchers fails
  1. Activate the Agent Workspace plugin.
  2. Deactivate the Chat service channel.

Notice that the record watcher responder should be deleted, but it still exists.

Agent Workspace


The reference field is not returning results in Agent Workspace for certain queries

Antivirus Scanning


This fix enables Antivirus protection for FedRAMP instances

Antivirus Scanning


The Updated and Updated by fields of a record are updated if the attachments in the record are viewed or downloaded
  1. Navigate to a record that has attachments.
  2. Check the Updated and Updated by fields.
  3. Click view for one of the attachments in the record.
  4. Check the Updated and Updated by fields again.

Expected behavior: The Updated and Updated by fields should not change.

Actual behavior: The Updated and Updated by fields are updated to the current time and current user.

Antivirus Scanning


Queries on the scan history table are slow running due to the table size

Antivirus Scanning


Unable to download PDFs when using Document Viewer When a user opens an attachment (PDF) while the Document Viewer plugin (com.snc.document viewer) is enabled and the 'Use Document Viewer' attribute is true, the download button does not work. And an error occurs in the browser console.

App Client UI


When installing the child app, an error occurs saying that the parent app needs to be installed even though it has already been installed

Application Navigator & Banner Frame



If accessibility is enabled, an icon from the application navigator is visible even when a user cannot see any modules and the filter is hidden
  1. As the admin, navigate to System Definition > Application Menus.
  2. Disable all application menus which an ESS user would see.

    Normally these are the ones with snc_internal as the role or with no roles.

  3. Impersonate as an ESS user and verify that the filter navigator is hidden.
  4. In General Settings, enable Accessibility.
  5. Refresh the homepage.

Expected behavior: You should not see the 'all apps' icon.

Actual behavior: You can see the 'all apps' icon.

Appsec – Platform Dev


The glide.script. ccsi.ispublic property always appears as non-compliant because the base instance script include 'Security DashboardHardeningFunctions' checks if it is set to 'False' instead of 'false' The property glide.script. ccsi.ispublic is always displayed as non-compliant because the base instance script include 'Security DashboardHardening Functions' checks if it is set to 'False' instead of 'false'. This system property cannot be updated with a value other than 'false' (lower case f) due to system restrictions. The following error is displayed: 'Not allowing set of unsafe property value'.



The multi-factor authentication is not working as expected in the domain-separated instance

AWA: Routing and Assignment


Condition builder configurations do not work in Service Channel
  1. Deactivate the Chat channel.
  2. Navigate to and delete all record watchers related to AWA.

    These records should be regenerated automatically when you reactivate the channel.

  3. Edit the 'chat' service channel, change its capacity utilization condition to be 'Created on today', and change it to active.
  4. Save the channel.
  5. Navigate to

Expected behavior: Three record watcher records should be visible here, generated by the service channel when it was updated.

Actual behavior: No record watchers are generated. This means that when a chat interaction is created, updated, or deleted, the capacity is not calculated correctly.

Change Management Conflict Detector


When the change request conflict status is 'No conflict', any other infoMessages/ErrorMessages will be cleared on form load

Change Management


In CAB workbench, when selecting a change request, the title is not readable when Accessibility is turned on In CAB workbench, when selecting a change request, both the title and the background are white, which makes it very difficult to read. This happens when Accessibility is turned on.
  1. Impersonate Fred Luddy and click settings (cog) to enable 'Accessibility Enabled'.
  2. Navigate to 'All CAB Meetings' and select the first 'Network CAB' record.
  3. In the Related Links section, click Go to this meeting in CAB Workbench.
  4. From the drop-down list, select All Agenda Items and wait until changes show up in the list.
  5. Select a change request.

Notice that the title shows up in white, which makes it very difficult to see.




Agent chats related to HR cases have multiple membership records and the conversation comes back after the chat is closed When an agent closes a chat, it sometimes keeps coming back. And when looking at the live_group_member records for the conversation, there are multiple records for the agent. This issue happens when the user in the conversation who is not the agent changes the 'Assigned to' of the case to be the agent after creating the HR case. This issue does not happen if the user performing the assignment is either an admin or has the live_feed_admin role.
  1. Install Connect Support and the HR Service Portal plugin.
  2. Make sure you have two users who are both part of the HR Support assignment group and who have the sn_hr_core roles needed to create and update HR records.
  3. As a different end user, initiate a Connect Support conversation in the HR support queue.
  4. As the first HR agent, accept the chat and use the connect action to create an HR case from the chat.
  5. Fill out any information needed and save the case.
  6. As the second HR agent, navigate to the newly created case and change the Assigned to field to be the first agent and save the record.
  7. As the first HR agent, close out the chat, and after a few seconds, observe that it comes back.
Expected behavior: The chat should not come back and you should not be a member of the same conversation twice.

Actual behavior: The chat keeps coming back until you manually edit or remove the LGM record.

Cloud Management Application


The Cloud Resource CI is updated multiple times irrespective of any change to the resource

Cloud Management Application


Key usage data for CMP v1 plugins are missing from the redline numbers

Cloud Management Application


The AWS discovery is not working since the pattern table is cmdb_ci

Cloud Management Application


The User Portal is slow when the billing data for the current month are updated continuously on the first day of the month
  1. Schedule a billing download.
  2. Check the User Portal on the first day of the month while the billing data are updated continuously for the current month.
Notice that the User Portal is very slow when the billing data for the current month are updated continuously on the first day of the month.

Cloud Management Application


Cloud Discovery needs parameterized cloud endpoint URLs to correctly support AWS Gov Cloud

Cloud Management Application


The VMware upgrade tool policy is hardcoded to upgradeAtPowerCycle

Configuration Management Database



The zBoot warnings appear in the CMDB workspace

Configuration Management Database



'Personalize Form' and 'More options' menus are too short when viewed on CMDB tables that contain the CI relations formatter The 'Personalize Form' menu does not appear correctly. It shows a very small menu frame when users click the 'Personalize Form' icon for some CMDB tables, including cmdb_ci_service, cmdb_ci_computer, cmdb_ci_esx_server, and cmdb_ci_win_server.
  1. Navigate to Configuration > Services.
  2. Open any record (for example, Blackberry, Email) and make sure that the Related Items formatter is displayed.
  3. Click either the 'Personalize Form' menu or the 'More options' menu.

Expected behavior: Both the 'Personalize Form' and the 'More options' menus should be displayed at a height that contains their entire contents using a typical web browser height.

Actual behavior: Both the 'Personalize Form' and the 'More options' menus are displayed in a 46px height box.



Errors are thrown for CSRF token mismatches



When toggling between chats, users observe the error 'Unable to add message. You do not have access to this conversation.'



In Connect Support, the closed_at field is set both when the end user and the agent close the chat, which causes the chat duration to be longer than expected In Connect Support, the closed_at field is set both when the end user and the agent close the chat, which causes the chat duration to be longer than expected. However, it should be set only once when the conversation is closed for the first time.

Core Platform


GlideElementSysClassName.setDisplayValue inefficiently loads and compares the label information for large hierarchies

Customer Service Management


Performance issues with special handling notes Adding more Special Handling Notes records causes slowness when users open case records.

Customer Service Management


Unable to see the proper template after downloading Template(excel file (.xlsx)) After clicking Download template, when users try to open the Excel file, they see the message 'Excel cannot open the file 'Contacts template.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.'
  1. Navigate to Targeted Communications > Recipients Lists.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Enter a name.
    • Select one of the types (for example, Contacts).
    • Select the method as Upload File.
  4. Click Download template.

    The Excel file will be downloaded.

  5. Open the Excel file.

Notice that the following error occurs: Excel cannot open the file 'Contacts template.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.



The state field mismatch for a deleted subnet The state field is not set as terminated as expected.
  1. Run the discovery for GCP.
  2. Wait until the discovery is completed for the subnet.
  3. Delete the subnet from the GCP console.
  4. Wait for the events to be processed.
  5. Check the state and the status of the deleted subnet.

Notice that the state is showing as available and the status is absent. However, it should be terminated and retired.



The deletion strategy for VM and the related CI is not working properly



The event-based discovery uses the delete strategy snapshot in an incorrect way The cloud event-based discovery does not skip delete strategy, which causes false absent CIs.



The WMI discovery of Windows fails with the error 'The result file can't be fetched because it doesn't exist'

Edge Encryption


When deleting a sys_encryption_key, the related sys_encryption_proxy_key must be removed as well In some related tables, a deletion of one record can leave an orphan in the tables, which might cause issues.

Edge Encryption


With the Edge configuration on the attachment, uploading two attachments at the same time corrupts the second one
  1. Start the Edge proxy and instance.
  2. Pick any table and set the Edge configuration on the attachment for that table.
  3. Click Attach and then Choose file.
  4. Pick two files at the same time and click Open.
  5. Try to download files.

Notice that you are not able to retrieve the second attachment.

Edge Encryption


The 'Invalid insert' message appears when users try to insert a record on a table
  1. Navigate to Encryption Configurations > All.
  2. Create an encryption configuration on task.any_field.
  3. Activate the scoped HR application.
  4. Create the field sensitive_information on the sn_hr_core_case table.
  5. Create the encryption configuration on sn_hr_core_case.sensitive_information.
  6. From the proxy, try to insert a record in sn_hr_core_case_payroll with the value in the sensitive_information field.

Notice that the 'Invalid insert' message appears.

Edge Encryption


When using equality preserving on versions older than Madrid, upgrading to Madrid breaks the existing equality preserving in the table

Edge Encryption


The content_escape_type_start_tag is part of the metadata, impacting equality preserving searches after the upgrade After encrypting a string field with Edge Encryption, users can see that content_escape_type_start_tag is part of the metadata in the database, which impacts equality preserving searches after upgrading to Madrid.




The recipient fields on the email client page (To, Cc, and Bcc) do not recognize email addresses or user names when they are pasted
  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to incident.list.
  3. Open any active record.
  4. Click the 'More Option' icon to view the Email option.
  5. Click the Email Client icon.
  6. In the To or the Cc field, paste any valid value, for example, copying the recipient from the 'CAB Approval' assignment.

Notice that the recipient field is not validated as a usable email value.

Embedded Help


Errors are logged during the zBoot

Event Management



Alert similarity causes performance issues when loading the alert form
  1. Enable the alert similarity feature.
  2. Open the alert form.

Notice that performance issues occur.

Flow Designer


The Once Per Unique Change trigger is not working for multiple records with the same change

Flow Designer


The RecordLookup action may error out if the scripted ACL depends on the current record The ACL fails and the action errors out with the message 'The requested flow operation was prohibited by security rules.'
  1. Activate the com.glide.hub.flow_testing plugin.
  2. Insert a new sys_flow_testing record with the name 'test'.
  3. Modify the 'read' ACL on sys_flow_testing using the following script:
  4. Create a subflow that runs as user.
  5. Add a Look Up Record action on the sys_flow_testing table with the 'Return only the first record' option and no condition.
  6. Click the Test button.
Expected behavior: The ACL should pass and the record should be retrieved.

Actual behavior: The ACL fails and the action errors out with the message 'The requested flow operation was prohibited by security rules.'

Forms and Fields



The Conditions type field is not working as expected when using the 'restrictTo' attribute

In Madrid, the Conditions type field is not working as expected when using the 'restrictTo' attribute. The 'restrictTo' attribute points to a string field. This string field contains a semicolon separated list of field names in Madrid that will be allowed to show up in the condition list. However, it is not working.

Refer to Dictionary attributes for details.

  1. Create the 'u_restrict_to' field on the SLA Definitions (contract_sla) table with the following default value: assigned_to;number.
  2. Add the 'restrictTo=u_restrict_to' attribute in the dicitionary record for the 'start_condition' (contract_sla. start_condition) field in the sys_dictionary table.
  3. Open a new form from the SLA Definitions table and click the drop-down list against the Start Condition field.
Notice that it does not show any fields where it is supposed to show the fields Assigned to and Number in the drop-down list.

Guided Tours


The business rule 'Maintain tour steps order field' runs on 'Current' instead of 'After'

Guided Tours


Guided tours fail when using the Edge browser in Madrid When users play the guided tour in the Edge browser, a console error appears and the tour breaks.

Human Resources Service Management


The capture job for local fails to upload files (Employee Document Management)

Human Resources Service Management


The import failure does not create the failure event correctly

Import / Export


Issues with the activation of the 'Data Access Gateway' plugin



The Lookup Attachment action was removed in Madrid

IT Operations Management


The tag is not saved in the tag set value for the variable custom tag

Knowledge Management


Labels in the Knowledge Query Facet are not translated




After the London upgrade, the related list personalization shows unsaved changes When personalizing the list on a related list, if users click OK to confirm the change, they are presented with a pop-up window confirming if they want to leave the page. The list change takes effect but the pop-up window should not occur.
  1. Open the Incident form.
  2. Scroll to the Task SLA related list.
  3. Click the gear icon to personalize.
  4. Add/remove a column in the slushbucket.
  5. Click OK.

Notice that a pop-up window shows up asking if you want to leave the site.

MID Server


When using MergeTableClosure (create relation) with a JavaScript EVAL inside a condition, a memory leak is observed



Customer Service Management Case utilities (CSManagementUtils) no longer work properly in the mobile UI Reference qualifiers on the Case form (sn_customer service_case) that use the CSManagementUtils script include no longer filter results as expected in the mobile interface.
  1. Install the Customer Service Management plugin with demo data.
  2. Add a 'Cases' mobile module that links to the sn_customerservice_case table.
  3. Add the Account field to the default view of the sn_customerservice_case form.
  4. In the mobile UI ($, navigate to the Cases module and click the + button to create a case.
  5. Set the Account field to Boxeo.
  6. Select the Asset field and observe that the entire list is returned.

Expected behavior: In the desktop UI and the pre-Madrid mobile UI, there would only be 5 results to choose from for the Asset field after selecting the Boxeo account.

Actual behavior: No filtering is done and all records are fetched.



The error message 'Usage analytics send failed' occurs in the log

Performance Analytics


The CSS breaks for Analytics Hub with Chrome version 73 (X-axis missing) The X-axis of the chart is not visible in Analytics Hub when it is opened using Chrome version 73.

Performance Analytics


Missing scrollbar in the Scores panel of Analytics Hub In Madrid, the Scores panel in Analytics Hub is missing a vertical scrollbar in Chrome version 73 and later. Users are unable to scroll down to see all scores because of the missing scrollbar. This issue is also observed in Firefox.
  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Analytics Hub.
  2. Open any indicator.
  3. Click the 'Info' icon at the top-right corner.
  4. Click Scores.

Expected behavior: The scrollbar should be present to scroll down the scores.

Actual behavior: The scrollbar is missing.

Performance Analytics


The X-axis in Analytics Hub is not displayed for upgraded instances
  1. Log in to an upgraded instance.
  2. Open an indicator in Analytics Hub.

Notice that the X-axis cannot be seen. And this issue is only reproducible on upgraded instances.

Performance Analytics


The sys_ updated_on field for the pa_indicators table is being updated every time the Clean PA collections scheduled job is executed When the Clean PA collections job is executed, the sys_updated_on field is updated to the job execution time for the majority of the indicators in the pa_indicators table. This prevents users from seeing when an actual update is made to the indicators.



Corrupt attachment in ecc_agent_mib_b412de 4edb0823440f4f622dca9619ab



The online alter fails with an error in logs The online alter fails with the following error in logs: 'java.lang.NullPointer Exception at java.time.Duration. compareTo('.

Platform Security


The error 'Cyclicity detected' occurs during the upgrade, which may lead to the cancellation of the upgrade

Project Management


The resource manager cannot view daily allocations in the resource report allocation pop-up window In the resource reports, when running a report for allocation, a bar chart is displayed with the allocations for that period and the availability. When clicking the allocation to get a pop-up window with the list of daily allocations, if there is no task related to the allocation, the records will not be displayed.
  1. Impersonate a resource manager.
  2. Create an operational resource plan for a specific user and allocate it.
  3. Run a resource report for the availability of the user for a period where there will be allocations related to the previously created operational resource plan.
  4. Click the allocation bar on the chart that is displayed.

    Notice that a list pops up but some records cannot be seen as they are restricted to the user.

  5. Open 'resource_allocation_daily' and check that you can see those records from the list.

Project Management



The g_form. save() does not work in client UI actions configured for Project [pm_project] The method does not save form changes when used in a client UI action on a Project [pm_project] form.
  1. Log in as the administrator.
  2. Activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin ( _planning_pmo) with demo data.
  3. Open any existing Project record.
  4. Right-click the form header and select Configure > UI Actions.
  5. Click New.
  6. Complete the new UI action form using the following values:
    • Name: SNC Test
    • Table: Project [pm_project]
    • Form button: checked
    • Client: checked
    • Onclick: saveChanges()
    • Script:
      function saveChanges() {
      g_form.setValue("description","SNC TEST");
      //gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), "save_reload_project_form");;
  7. Save the new record.
  8. Open any existing Project record.
  9. Click the Save Project UI action.

    Notice that the Description field value changes to 'SNC TEST' but is not retained after the form refreshes.

  10. In the UI action record, uncomment the line that begins with 'gsftSubmit', and comment out the line ';'.
  11. Test the Save Project UI action again.

Notice that the updated Description value is saved as expected.

Project Management


The button to expand the project is offset to the left in Project Status Portal
  1. Navigate to Project > Project Status Portal.
  2. Click Create New if one does not exist already.
  3. Select the Timeline tab.
  4. Directly click the right arrow under the short description to expand the project.

    Notice that nothing happens.

  5. Click slightly to the left of the arrow.

Notice that the project expands and shows all the project tasks.

Project Management


The Project Portfolio Suite with Financials - ATF Tests plugin (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo.atf) causes database errors

Project Portfolio Management


The PPM new Investment Portal does not provide the ability to sort by date columns On the new Investment Portal, when users create an investment board, they have the default overview list showing all the available columns. However, they can sort by all other field types but not the date fields. The sort icon is not available when users click the field headers.
  1. Install PPM with Financials.
  2. In the navigator, type Investment Portal.
  3. Create an Investment view from the Investment Portal.
  4. Establish the selection criteria.
  5. Try to sort any of the date columns on the board.
Notice that the sort icon is not available for the date columns.

Record Watcher


If the Record Watcher rebuilds its tree on a UI thread, there will be a large number of login events



Using a dot-walked field for 'Stack by' in a report results in incorrect data
  1. Navigate to Reports > Create New.
  2. Configure with the following settings:
    1. Table: sc_task
    2. Type: Bar
    3. Group by: Assignment group
    4. Stack by: choose a dot-walked field, for example, Request item.Active

Notice that the graph shows 'No data to display' even though there are records in the table. However, when you change the report type to List, notice that there are indeed records.

Resource Management


The utilization calculation error in the Resource Finder The '% Utilization' in the Resource Finder of the Allocation workbench does not calculate correctly for individual users for certain months.

Resource Management


The snc_internal role is granted to customer contact (CSM) if it is created in the Case view The snc_internal role is added to the new customer contact record if it is created in the Case view. However, if the customer contact is created in the Default view, the expected snc_external role is assigned.

Security Access Control Lists


Add ACL support for explicit archive tables

Service Catalog


The reference qualifier does not work when trying to add a new row in RITM Multi-row variable set reference qualifiers do not work on the requested item and the catalog task.
  1. Create a multi-row variable set in a catalog item.
  2. Add some fields of the type reference and add the reference qualifier.
  3. Submit a request for this catalog item and open its RITM on the platform.
  4. Try to add another row to the multi-row variable using the add button.
Expected behavior: Values for the reference field should be filtered as per the reference qualifier.

Actual behavior: The reference qualifier does not work in RITM.

Service Catalog


When an invalid query is detected against sys_ script_validator, unnecessary catalog client scripts are output in the CatalogScriptEmitter.output Validators() function The CatalogScript Emitter.outputValidators() function generates an invalid query and no results are returned from the sys_script_ validator table. As such, the JavaScript generated for a service catalog form (for example, sc_req_item forms) is missing the JavaScript calls to g_form. addValidator().

Service Mapping


For Windows MID, the AIX process detection fails if the lookup IP is not in the first line of the netstat output

Service Mapping


The angular service form does not display an error message after clearing the data of a mandatory field When saving the angular service form, it does not display an error message if the mandatory fields are empty. The form is not saved but a success message appears, and the form fails to refresh.
  1. Add a new mandatory field to the cmdb_ci_service_discovered form.
  2. Add this field to the 'Additional Info' layer under the form layout configuration page.
  3. Open the angular service form and update the new field.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Clear the data in the new field.
  6. Save the form again.

Notice that a success message appears and the form does not refresh. The data are not saved.

Service Mapping


Delete the deferred service discovery entry when canceling the related top down discovery The deferred service discovery entry associated with a top down discovery that has been manually canceled should be removed as part of the cancel workflow.
  1. Clear the cmdb_tcp table.
  2. Remove any discovery status with discover = Processes/Connections (table discovery_status).
  3. Open the sa_deferred_service_discovery table.
  4. Run the top down discovery on the trade service.
  5. Wait until a new entry is added to sa_deferred_service_discovery.
  6. Manually stop the top down discovery of the service.

    Notice that the new entry in sa_deferred _service_discovery is not removed.

  7. Open the discovery_status table, and search for the discovery status that is associated with the new entry in sa_deferred_ service_discovery.
  8. Open the discovery status form for this entry.

    Notice that every minute, a new cancel action is created on this discovery.

  9. Delete the discovery status.

Notice that the discovery status of the entry in sa_deferred_service_discovery is removed but the entry itself is not removed.

Service Mapping


If the macAddress parameter is empty or null, a query will display all ports

Service Mapping


Service Mapping should support the configuration of the cmdb_ci table to be defined as root and not the CMDB table

Service Portal


The mandatory field is not highlighted for the catalog variable type radio button in Service Portal In Service Portal, when clicking a mandatory variable of the type 'multiple choice' under 'Required information' (below the 'Submit' button), the field for that variable is not highlighted.

Service Portal



Users with roles are redirected to the Service Portal instead of the platform even though SPEntryPage is configured When implementing the SPEntryPage configuration, users with roles are redirected to the Service Portal on the first login.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

SkyNow Mobile - Backend


Set the appropriate max_character length for the mobile platform table columns For some tables in the mobile platform in Madrid, the character limit is limited to 40, for example, sys_sg_related_list_map (relationship field), sys_sg_master_item (table field). However, some table names and relationship names are greater than 40 characters, and issues occur because of this.

Software Asset Management Professional



The SAMP entitlement import does not create the correct start and end dates on the record When importing Software Asset Management entitlements through an Excel sheet, the start and end dates are not added correctly to the record.
  1. Enable the SAMP plugin.
  2. Navigate to Software Asset > Import Entitlements.
  3. Download the Excel sheet template to fill it in, and make sure that the start and end dates are filled.
  4. Import the Excel sheet.
Notice that the record has different start/end dates.

Software Asset Management Professional


Reconciliation fails when two products have the same case insensitive name but different case sensitive names
  1. Create two products that have the same case insensitive name but different case sensitive names (for example, Automate and AutoMate).
  2. Make the publisher name far from each other and have many publishers/products in between.
  3. Run reconciliation.

Notice that reconciliation fails.

Software Asset Management Professional


The reconciliation is taking too long when processing suites

Software Asset Management Professional


The 'Publish to software catalog' UI action should be available for SaaS products

Software Asset Management Professional


Duplicate files appear after the upgrade

Time Card Management



'Copy from previous Time Sheet' shows no further back than the previous week's time sheet In Time Sheet Portal, the UI action 'Copy from previous Time Sheet' shows only the previous week's time sheet, not further back. However, it works fine in the native UI.
  1. Install the Time Card Management plugin com.snc.time_card.
  2. Navigate to the /tcp portal.

    By default, it will show you the current week's time sheet.

  3. Click the 'previous' arrow to navigate to the previous week.
  4. Click Add unassigned tasks to time sheet.
  5. Add any task and any hours for each day, and submit.
  6. Click the 'previous' arrow again and repeat steps 4-5.
  7. Click Go to current week.
  8. Click Copy from previous Time Sheet.

    Notice that only one previous week is shown in the time sheet.

  9. Navigate to the native UI.
  10. Navigate to 'Current time sheet'.
  11. Click Copy from previous Time Sheet.
Notice that all older time sheets are shown.

Timeline Visualization



Change Timeline visualization is not initialized at the same date in the English and French views

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Update Sets


Form sections do not migrate correctly when a table is created and the new table's form is altered in the same update set Form sections do not migrate correctly when a table that extends a CMDB table is created and the new table's form is altered in the same update set. The parent table's form sections should be present on the child table's form, but they do not appear if the update set contains a change to the child table's form.

Web Services


URIs in the Link header are no longer escaped in Madrid When performing an REST call with pagination, sysparm_fields values in the URI returned in the response header are not properly escaped (specifically, the comma).

Web Services


The SOAP message function that uses web service security can fail to sign the SOAP envelope After upgrading to Madrid, when using an SOAP message function that uses web service security, the SOAP envelope returns empty and an error occurs.



Access from outside the workflow domain hierarchy causes workflow version stages to be cleared This happens when the workflow in one domain hierarchy is triggered by a user in another hierarchy.




Users cannot see the workflow for a record

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The 'Set state to approved or expired' Run Script activity in Contract Approval Workflow is not updated after the upgrade

Other Madrid Patch 5 information

Dictionary attributes
restrictTo: Specifies the field that contains the comma-separated list of fields that the conditions should be restricted to using.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.