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Madrid Patch 3

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Madrid Patch 3

The Madrid Patch 3 release contains important problem fixes.

Madrid Patch 3 was released on May 9, 2019.
Build date: 05-03-2019_1443
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch3-04-24-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid Patch 3 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid Patch 3, refer to KB0745362.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Transaction and Session Management


Tomcat counter does not decrement properly, causing the node not reachable or UI unusable Some of the symptoms on an affected node:
  • Requests are not processed, causing the UI unusable.
  • Many exception messages in the logs, such as EOF, IOConnectionTimeout, CloseChannelException, or Broken Pipe.
  • Perform a heap dump and inspect the LimitLatch object to see the count value. If it's 10,000, the issue is occurring.
  • Inspect the xmlstatsduration on BigData. If the value is high for a long time and the histogram looks like a solid rectangular block, it represents a high response time.
  • A large number of requests and response objects hold the majority of heap memory.

Service Portal


The date picker for the glide_date field does not automatically close when selecting a date The date picker doesn't close even after choosing a date and users have to click outside for the date picker to close. Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Portal


The reference search is not loading in Service Portal This issue is occurring intermittently.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


The banner image cannot be changed in Madrid
  1. Navigate to Basic Configuration UI16.
  2. Define a new image for "Banner image for UI16".
  3. Save.
  4. Refresh the page.

    Notice the default logo is still showing.

  5. Navigate to Basic Configuration UI16.
Notice the banner displays. However, the banner comes back when the page is refreshed.



SLAs are not attached automatically when an email comes in and a ticket is created The task_sla is not attached when a task is created from an inbound action even though the start condition matched the SLA definition. It only gets attached when an update is made on the task.




Under certain conditions, the ServiceNow Agent mobile iOS and Android apps can perform mass updates with action items

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Activity Stream


The 'See All Text' takes a long time to load The 'See All Text' takes a long time to load since it does not use the sys_id of the sys_history entry to query.

Activity Stream


Images pasted or imported to the HTML field are cropped and not fully visible in the 'Activities' log
  1. Create an HTML field in the incident table.
  2. In the activity formatter, add this HTML field.
  3. Import an image to this HTML field.
  4. Save the form.

Notice that the image is cut off in the 'Activities' log.

Advanced Work Assignment


The awa_agent _presence_history table is not logging agent presence correctly The historic agent presence states are not being captured correctly.
  1. Log in as Agent X.
  2. Change the agent presence state to the following:
    1. Available
    2. Away
    3. Offline
    4. Available

Notice that the awa_agent_presence_history table is not populating correctly.

Agent Intelligence


Performance issue with the Agent Intelligence Prediction API

Agent Workspace


The Add to Chat button ignores the partial availability of the agent An agent can still be added to a chat even though the agent marks itself as unavailable for chat.

Agile Development


The page opened from 'View Standard List' in the Big Room Planning tab does not have the search keywords in the filter
  1. Install the Agile - Scaled Agile Framework - Essential SAFe plugin.
  2. Create an SAFe team and add the system admin to the team.
  3. Create an ART and add the SAFe team to the ART.
  4. Navigate to SAFe Board - ART level.
  5. In the Backlog page, create a program increment and start it.
  6. Navigate to SAFe Board - Team level.
  7. In the Backlog page, create some stories and assign them to different sprints.
  8. Navigate to SAFe Board - ART level again, and then navigate to the Big Room Planning tab.
  9. Type some keywords in the search box.
  10. Click View Standard List.

Expected behavior: In the newly opened page, the filter should contain the keywords condition and only lists stories that satisfy the keywords.

Actual behavior: In the newly opened page, the filter only contains the state and the program increment but no condition for the keywords. It also lists stories that do not satisfy the keywords.

Antivirus Scanning


Performance issues occur while querying the attachment _scan_history table with the attachmentID

Asset Management


The Sync Software Package business rule incorrectly sets an integer field with a non-integer value The Sync Software Package business rule incorrectly sets an integer field (mdb_ci_spkg.msft_sms_id) with a non-integer value from cmdb_sam_sw_ discovery_model.prod_id (String).

Change Management Conflict Detector



The Conflict Calendar UI action does not work if glide.sys. date_format is not set to the default 'yyyy-MM-dd' When the system property 'glide.sys.date_format' is not set to the default 'yyyy-MM-dd', after users click Conflict Calendar on a change_request record, the Conflict Calendar page opens but no information is displayed.
  1. Make sure the Change Request Calendar [com.snc.change_request_calendar] plugin is active.
  2. Change the system property 'glide.sys.date_format' from the default 'yyyy-MM-dd' to 'dd/MM/yyyy'.
  3. Open a CHG record with CI and populate the start date and end date.
  4. Click Conflict Calendar.

Notice that the Conflict Calendar page opens but never loads. Also, instead of the current date being displayed at the top as 'Wednesday, 27 March 2019', the following is displayed: 'undefined, Nan undefined Nan'.

Change Management


The Change Schedules landing page keeps loading without any response The Change Schedules landing page keeps loading without any response. NullPointerException errors are also generated in the log file if the owner of one of the change schedule definitions does not exist in the sys_user table.

Change Management Risk Assessment



The risk is not evaluated for Change Management - Risk Assessment when there are no active risk conditions When the Change Management - Risk Assessment plugin is activated and there are no active risk conditions, the risk is not evaluated. The following message appears: 'No matching Risk Conditions - Risk and Impact unchanged'.
If you are using the original Change Management - Risk Assessment [Legacy] plugin (com.snc.change.risk_assessment):
  1. Set all risk conditions to be inactive.
  2. Create a change request with the category Hardware and the risk set to High.
  3. Fill out the risk assessment and set the last option for every question.
  4. Submit.
If you are using the new Change Management - Risk Assessment plugin (com.snc.change_ management.risk_assessment):
  1. Deactivate all risk conditions.
  2. Navigate to any change request that matches a risk assessment.

Change Management Risk Assessment


Incorrect message shows up on the Change Request form When all the risk conditions are inactive and a risk assessment is taken, the message 'No matching Risk Conditions - Risk and Impact unchanged' shows up on the form. However, the message should not pop up because users are not using the risk conditions.

Cloud Management Application



When Cloud Discovery runs, error messages appear in the system log table When Cloud Discovery runs, the system log table is flooded with this error: 'Failure occurred while scrubbing logs returning the recieved input.: no thrown error'.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Cloud Management Application


Performance issues with the table sn_cmp_ cost_rsrc

Cloud Management Application



MID Server memory leak due to the accumulated Camel Context for each call to the cloud provider After each Cloud Discovery schedule runs, the MID Server memory accumulates until MID Server runs out of memory. Heapdump shows that JmxBeanServer is retaining references to Camel Contexts/Routes thus causing the leak.
  1. Set up cloud accounts.
  2. Kick off several discoveries for the Cloud Schedules.
  3. After each discovery, take MID Server Heapdump and verify that the memory usage from the JmxBeanServer object is increasing.

Cloud Management Application



The importing and processing of the Azure cloud billing are unacceptably slow Users with big billing data experience slowness in the current Azure billing process. The size of the data is too big for the transformation process.
  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Analyze > Billing.
  2. Click Billing Schedules.
  3. Verify the billing schedule is in the hung state.
  4. Open the record.

Notice that the billing job is either hung or running very slowly.

Cloud Management Application


When the guest customization spec is not used, the VMware static IP assignment fails on Windows versions later than 2012

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The cmdb_rel_ci and cmdb_rel _attributes table records cannot be deleted from other applications

Contextual Search


Knowledge articles are not accessible from the contextual search widget
  1. Log in to the instance with the admin role.
  2. Activate the CSM and CSP plugins.
  3. Open Knowledge Bases and add 'All user contact' in the Can Read list.
  4. Check to see that the Knowledge articles are accessible from the Knowledge link in the CSM/CSP portal.
  5. Click Create Order Case or Create Product Case in the CSM portal.
  6. Type in the Subject field.

    Notice that the contextual search widget appears with search results.

  7. Click any Knowledge article in the search result.

    The article opens on same widget.

  8. Impersonate as a user contact.
  9. Open the CSM portal.
  10. Navigate to Knowledge Bases and check that Knowledge articles are accessible.
  11. Click Create Order Case or Create Product Case.
  12. Type in the Subject field.

    The contextual search widget appears with search results.

  13. Click any Knowledge article.

Notice that this time nothing happens. However, it is expected to have a full view of the article.

Contextual Search


The search function does not work during the upgrade process During the upgrade process, the search function returns no result. The error message appears: 'Search Service Error: Empty payload returned'.

Continual Improvement Management (CIM)


Business rules contain gs.log in Continual Improvement Management When a project task record is updated, an error appears: 'Function log is now allowed in scope sn_cim. Use gs.debug() or gs,.info() instead'.

Continual Improvement Management (CIM)


'Session feedback survey' is removed from the View Surveys module

Core Platform


Large static content can cause memory issues If the static content being fetched is large and is allowed via glide.servlet. static_content_types, it can trigger out of memory during scaling.

Core Platform


Class field choices for task only show tables that extend the current class but not the entire hierarchy

Customer Service Management


The contextual search widget does not show up in the Customer Service Portal When users try to create a case in the Customer Service Portal, the contextual search widget ('Knowledge Results') does not show up after users type in some text in the Subject field.

Customer Service Management


Users with the sn_customerservice_agent role cannot see entitlements after the upgrade Users with the sn_customerservice_agent role cannot see entitlements after the upgrade, unless the service_entitlement records have the account field populated.

Dashboards and Home Pages


The dashboards shared with the 'public' role are not visible in the Dashboards overview After the London upgrade, any dashboards shared with the 'public' role are not visible to users with that role anymore.




The PowerShell script queries the registry slowly when running 'Windows Classify' and 'Installed Software' Windows Discovery takes a long time to complete and has errors such as 'PowershellProcessRunner was interrupted to complete in 600 seconds' in the classification phase.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




When Windows Server 2019 is discovered, it is incorrectly classified as a Computer CI instead of the Windows Server CI, and the Hyper-V discovery does not happen

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




The Discovery schedule cannot progress if it encounters a device with multiple IP addresses The 'discovery_device _history' records are deleted for devices with multiple IPs. As a result, the Discovery schedule fails to complete during the execution.
  1. Have a network switch or other CI with multiple IP addresses on one device.
  2. Include the network switch in a Discovery schedule.
  3. Run the Discovery schedule.




The horizontal discovery for the MSSQL instance may fail to update certain fields
  1. Edit the value of fields such as tcp_port in an MSSQL instance.
  2. Run the horizontal discovery.

Notice that the field is not updated with the correct value even though the discovery is successful.

Event Management


The Event Management xmlstats job runs for more than an hour, and the instance is not responsive

Flow Designer


The search bar does not work for the 'Create Task' and 'Update Record' actions in the Flow Designer
  1. Navigate to Flow Designer > Designer.
  2. Click + New to create a new flow.
  3. Name the flow and submit.
  4. Under the 'Trigger' section, click + to create a new trigger.
  5. In the drop-down list, click Created or Updated.
  6. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Table: Incident [incident]
    2. Run Trigger: Once
  7. Click Done to proceed.
  8. Under the 'Actions' section, click + and then click Action.
  9. Type Create and select Create Task.
  10. In the Table field, select Incident [incident].
  11. In the Field Values field, click + Add Field Value and then choose 'Problem'.
  12. Click the Related problem, if one exists field to see that a list of problems comes up.
  13. Try to search any result in that list.

Notice that the list does not filter down to what you type in. This also happens to the 'Update Record' action.

Flow Designer


Flow Designer flows may stall out in the waiting state and do not continue Flow Designer flows may stall out in the waiting state and do not continue. A corresponding error shows up in the logs: 'Unable to deserialize process plan from JSON'.

Flow Designer


Action type snapshots are created with blank display names
  1. Create a scoped app: Scope A.
  2. Create an action in that scope: Action A.
  3. Add some variables and steps, and publish the action.
  4. Navigate to the sys_app record for Scope A.
  5. Under the Application Files tab, filter to show the 'Action Type Snapshot' class.

Notice that there are blank display names.

Forms and Fields



Forms intermittently blank out on an iPad during scrolling
  1. Log in to a London instance using an iPad.

    Notice that you are redirected to the desktop UI rather than $

  2. Open an existing Change Request record with the recorded journal activity.
  3. Scroll the page, possibly multiple times, or repeat Step 2.

Forms and Fields


The main frame of the form is stretched horizontally depending on the number of columns added to the related list in the form This issue is only observed in an iPad device. When users load a form in an iPad, the main frame of the form is stretched horizontally depending on the number of columns in the related list of the form.
  1. Navigate to an incident record and add a related list (i.e. Task SLAs) if none is available.
  2. Configure this related list to add a lot of columns.
  3. On an iPad device, open any incident record.

    Notice that the frame is stretched out horizontally, and the length depends on the number of columns added to the related list.

  4. Remove the columns in the related list and leave about 3 columns.

    Notice that the frame sizes normally.

  5. Remove the related list completely from the form.

Notice that the frame sizes normally as well.

Guided Tours


The Begin button on the introduction modal extends out of the modal if the translated text is too long
  1. Enable the French-Canada translation plugin.
  2. Create a tour with the introduction modal.
  3. Navigate to the page on which the tour is created.
  4. Switch the language to French-Canada.
  5. Play the tour.

Notice that the Begin button on the introduction modal extends out of the modal.

Human Resources Service Management


With Restricted Caller Access enabled, emails do not display in the activity formatter in the HR case form
  1. Log in to a Jakarta or Madrid instance.
  2. Make sure Notifications are set for HR cases.
  3. Open any HR case that has outbound/inbound emails generated.
  4. Add 'Sent/Received Emails' to the activity formatter in the HR case.
  5. Click Show Email Details to open the outbound email message in the case notes.

Notice that the error message appears: 'No such parent record'.

Human Resources Service Management


The page cannot be loaded after the knowledge blocks plugin is activated

Human Resources Service Management


Performance issue with the auto-generation of the scripted user criteria

Import / Export


JSON import does not support arrays

Incident Management


The Major Incident Overview dashboard does not display all the widgets

Incident Management


The on-call widget in the major incident workbench displays the user's business phone number instead of the mobile phone number
  1. Enable the on-call and the major incident plugins.
  2. Navigate to On-Call Scheduling > On-Call Schedules.
  3. Pick a group and a user.
  4. Find the user record, and set up a business phone number and a mobile phone number for the user.
  5. Go back to the schedule and select the user.

    You should see the mobile phone number in the pop-up window, which is the expected behavior.

  6. Find a major incident, or create one if none is available.
  7. Open the major incident, and click View Workbench.
  8. On the right side of the dashboard, select 'On-Call Groups' from the 'Groups' widget.
  9. From the drop-down list, select the group that the user is part of.
  10. Select the user.

Notice that it shows the business phone number instead of the mobile phone number here.

ITSM Software Asset Management


Performance issue with the 'alm_license' record The merge licenses feature can make the license record form never load depending on how complex the license is.

Knowledge Management


Multiple sys_index records are checked in to com.snc.knowledge3 The com.snc.knowledge3 package contains sys_index records, which can generate conflicts during upgrades.



When users edit a cell in the list column, the edit box appears behind the related list tabs and the search input box The edit box of the list column appears behind the related list tabs and the search input box. This makes it difficult for users to see all the fields in the edit box and may prevent users from making a selection in the box.

MID Server


MID Server issues after the Madrid upgrade After the Madrid upgrade, an error occurs in MID Server: 'Could not decrypt file discovery whitelist after sync'.

MID Server


When the table is bigger than com.glide. closure_max_rows _per_table, the pattern is not failing

MID Server


Adjustments to the MID Server downloading process



The Submit button does not work for Record Producer in the mobile application as well as the mobile browser
  1. Navigate to $
  2. Click Service Catalog.
  3. Click Can We Help You?
  4. Select any request.
  5. Fill in the details and click Submit.

Expected behavior: The Submit button should work and redirect you to the new record.

Actual behavior: The Submit button does not work and no new record is generated.




Duplication of load balancer serial numbers When a load balancer is discovered, duplicate serial number records are created in the cmdb_serial_number table.


  1. Find a load balancer in the CMDB and check to see how many serial number records are associated with it.
  2. Discover the load balancer.

    After the discovery, the number of the serial number records increments by 1.


  1. Discover a load balancer that results in multiple pages for the horizontal discovery pattern.
  2. After the discovery, check the number of serial number records associated with the CI.

    The number of the serial number records is equal to the number of pages.



The pagination only works on the first page, and the second page pattern sends a token for it to be invoked but the token is incorrect



The AWS RDS pattern fails due to invalid REST request The Amazon AWS RDS pattern fails under HD due to changes made by AWS to the REST request versioning.

Performance Analytics


The upgrade does not recover some missing PA records

Performance Analytics


Instance Security plugins are created and set to active on zBoot, but the usage count is not updated



RITM reports with a reference variable fail with an Oracle error When a reference variable is added to the column list in an Oracle database, RITM reports fail with: Error MessageSyntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB).



Multiple update actions in the rollback can be mistakenly identified as conflicts, and redundant sys_rollback_conflicts are recorded



Performance issues due to the DBNamesChecker excessive cache flushing and reloading with sys_db_view changes Changes to the sys_db_view lead to full cache flush of the DBNamesChecker cache and trigger full cache rebuilds.



Column aliases in the select list may not conform to the SQL standard for reference fields

Project Management



Users without the write access cannot view the program in the Program Workbench Users that do not have the write access to a program cannot view the program in the Program Workbench. The Workbench redirects to a 404 error page.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Project Management


The 'Planned duration' of a project does not populate as per the project template
  1. Select the user time zone as US Pacific.
  2. Navigate to Global Resource Management > Test Request Templates > Project Templates.
  3. Open the project template 'TPL01011' and click the 'Create Project' link in the project template form.
  4. Set 'Start Date' to '2019-03-07 16:38:10' in the pop-up window.

Notice that in the project, the 'Planned duration' is '64 Days 23 Hours 51 Minutes' instead of '65 Days'. However, if you change the time zone to 'IST - (GMT + 05:30) Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi' and repeat steps 2 - 5, the 'Planned duration' is '65 days', which is the correct value.

Record Watcher



RecordWatcher rw_cache gets flushed during the large import/export on sys_rw_amb_action, which causes memory issues for multiple threads trying to rebuild the cache In-memory reaping of sys_rw_amb_action can affect the instance node performance and eventually run out of memory.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.




The trend report does not show correct results when the Group by field is applied on 'Boolean values' from a reference table
  1. Create a table which has the Assigned to field that is a reference to the table user.
  2. Create two records from this table and make one of them have the Assigned to field populated and leave the other one empty.
  3. Create a trend report and group it by 'assigned'.
  4. Run the report.

Expected behavior: The trend report displays correctly.

Actual behavior: The trend report only displays the record with the empty 'Assigned to' reference.

Service Catalog


The function getDisplayValue does not work as expected in a business rule

Service Catalog


The breadcrumbs point to the incorrect catalog during the catalog search
  1. Create a catalog item(, for example, 'CatalogItemTest123'.
  2. Select 'Technical Catalog' and 'Service Catalog' for the Catalogs field.
  3. Select the category to be 'Hardware - Service Catalog'.
  4. Save the item.
  5. Go down the record.

    Notice that the catalogs are listed in the related list but only one category is selected from the 'Categories'.

  6. Add 'Infrastructure - Technical Catalog' in the 'Categories' related list by clicking Edit.
  7. Save the item again.
  8. Open 'Service Catalog' and 'Technical Catalog' from the Catalogs module in two different tabs.
  9. Search the created item ('CatalogItemTest123') in both catalogs.
    Notice that the item being pointed is correct in both catalogs:
    1. Service Catalog > Hardware
    2. Technical Catalog > Infrastructure
  10. Open the item and follow the breadcrumbs.

    It lists the item under Service Catalog for both catalogs.

  11. Edit the item and change the category to 'Infrastructure' and save.

    In the related list of the item, the only infrastructure is listed in 'Categories'.

  12. Add 'Hardware' to the category and perform step 9 - 12 again.

Notice that this time it lists the item under 'Technical Catalog' for both searches.

Service Mapping


The calendar widget cannot be opened by clicking the calendar icon
  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Application Service.
  2. View a map of any service.
  3. Open the history time bar and click the calendar icon.

Notice that the calendar is opened for a second and then closed immediately.

Service Portal


Issue with the multifactor authentication (MFA) and the portal login page
  1. Install the Integration - Multifactor Authentication plugin.
  2. In the instance, navigate to Multifactor Authentication > Properties.
  3. Select the Enable Multifactor Authentication property check box.
  4. Navigate to User Administration > Users.
  5. Configure the list columns so that the Enable Multifactor Authentication field is visible, and set it to true to the user (e.g. julie.lewis) who is required to enable the multifactor authentication.
  6. Navigate to the instance and enter the login credentials for the user.

    It will redirect to 'instance/google_auth_' to set up the multifactor authentication in the Google Authenticator app from a mobile device.

  7. Log out and log in again with the credentials.

It will redirect to the same page again. However, it should redirect to the 'instance/validate_' page to enter the code from the mobile device.

Service Portal


In the Japanese language view, an error message shows up saying one of the fields is not completed after the field is filled in
  1. Install the Japanese language plugin.
  2. In the filter navigator, type maintain items.
  3. Click New or open any catalog item.
  4. Navigate to the Variable tab and click New to create the variable with the following conditions:
    1. Type: Date
    2. Question: Date
  5. Check the check box 'Mandatory'.
  6. Open Service Portal.
  7. Change the language selection from English to Japanese.
  8. On Service Portal, change the parameter to show the catalog item you create/modify in Step 3.
  9. Click the calendar icon in the Date field.
  10. Choose a date that is two days from now.
  11. Click out of the calendar view.
  12. Click the Date field again.
  13. Click Order.

Notice that an error message shows up and you cannot proceed to the next step. This issue does not happen when you choose the English language.

Service Portal


Issues with the translation of the date picker In London, the date picker loses the month translation at the top after users select a date. In Madrid, the date picker does not show the translation at all.

Transaction and Session Management


Any processor-based export is not logged in syslog_transaction

User Criteria


The scripted user criteria is not cached, which causes performance issues

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


Adjustments to SIG templates

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


The SIG 2018 app is not automatically upgraded when users upgrade to Madrid
  1. Install the VRM and SIG Integration 2018 in a London instance.
  2. Install the SIG 2018 app from the App Store.
  3. Upgrade to Madrid.

Notice that the SIG 2018 app is not automatically upgraded to the SIG 2018 [7.0.1] Madrid version.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


The Vendor Portal does not show questions when the answer in a string type question contains the percentage character '%'
  1. Navigate to Vendor Risk > All Assessments.
  2. Create an assessment.
  3. Navigate to the Vendor Portal.
  4. Answer a questionnaire. When answering a string type question, type a '%' in the answer.
  5. Save the questionnaire.
  6. Reload the questionnaire.

Notice that it shows an empty questionnaire.

Visual Task Boards


The add to filter icon in the Labels tab is not hidden after users click the filter to remove it
  1. Navigate to Self Service > Visual Task Boards.
  2. Create a Data Driven Board with the following values:
    1. Task Table: Incident
    2. Lane Field: State
  3. Click Next, then click Create.
  4. Open the Visual Task Board created.
  5. Click the configuration button and enable 'Show Labels'.
  6. Click Labels.
  7. Click the add to filter icon to the right of the 'Defect' label.

    As you can see, the filter is applied.

  8. Click the add to filter icon again to remove the filter.

The filter icon is visible and blue indicating the filter is still applied. However, the filter is actually removed. Users have to click outside to make the icon disappear.

Walk-Up Experience


Interactions in the Walk-up view are very slow for large task tables When users open an interaction and change the view to Walk-up, it takes more than one minute to reload the form.

Other Madrid Patch 3 information

Discovery release notes
  • Windows Discovery optimization

    This update is available in version Madrid Patch 3 and later.

    To enhance efficiency of the Windows Discovery probe, a script is now runs to offload work to the remote Windows systems. Because of this, it is a requirement that these remote Window systems run PowerShell 2.0 or higher (up to 5.0) to allow the script to run properly.

    The Windows-installed software probe has been updated to enhance performance. It now uses the $admin share folder as default. When the MID Server queries the target, the output is now written as JSON instead of XML. There is a new probe parameter “output_format” that controls the output format of the probe and should not be changed. The probe post-processing script was updated to handle the new format. You must have a minimum of 10 MB of free space for this to work. For more information on Windows Discovery, see the knowledge base article KB0752537

  • Windows probes

    This update is available in version Madrid Patch 3 and later.

    To enhance performance, all Windows probes using WMI protocol now use the $admin share folder as default.

Windows probes and permissions

With the Madrid patch 3 release, all Windows probes that use WMI protocol call the LaunchProc.psm1 script file and use the $admin share folder as default.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.