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Madrid Patch 2

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Madrid Patch 2

The Madrid Patch 2 release contains important problem fixes.

Madrid Patch 2 was released on April 8, 2019.
Build date: 03-29-2019_1650
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch2-03-20-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid Patch 2 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid Patch 2, refer to KB0744548.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Knowledge Management



Non-admin users are unable to see some knowledge fields or unable to make some changes in the knowledge article after migrating to Knowledge V3 The issue is identified when migrating from Knowledge v2 to v3. It can cause permission issues for non-admin users on some of the kb_knowledge fields depending on the field level ACLs on kb_knowledge. Here are two symptoms:
  • Non-admin users are unable to see some fields in the knowledge list or form.
  • Non-admin users are unable to make changes to the knowledge record.
  1. Verify if the instance has any ACLs that satisfy the following filter conditions:
    1. Navigate to https://<instance_name>/ (or Access control list from Navigator menu).
    2. Add the following filter conditions for the list view:
      • Name "starts with" "kb_"
      • Description "contains" "ACL has been created by the Knowledge Management V3"
      • Advanced "is" "true"
      • If any record exists, verify if any ACL contains script in the following pattern:
        • new KBKnowledge().canRead/canWrite/canCreate/canDelete (without answer =)
  2. If any record exists, the instance may be impacted by this issue.
  3. This issue's symptoms are:
    • Log in as a "non-admin" user with the contribute access to any knowledge base
    • Navigate to
    • Verify if any column like short description, number shows blank values
      • OR
    • Try to update the kb_knowledge record
      • Refresh the page.

The recently updated changes are not persisting.

Event Management


The alert query job is causing out of memory errors and is stuck on high rate of alerts and big CMDB topologies The alert rate has been increased to reach 15 alerts per minute.




Warnings in instance logs: org.mozilla.javascript. EcmaError: "i" is not defined
  1. Log in to an instance as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to logs.

The repeated log messages are seen: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: "i" is not defined. Caused by error in sys_ui_context_menu.5333d89053301300edf6296906dc3483 at line 10.

Delegated Development



For users with the delegated_developer role, they can only see 'undefined' instead of the available update sets in the update set picker

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Advanced Work Assignment


When a work item is accepted and its document is manually unassigned, it is not re-routed by Advanced Work Assignment
  1. Create a case and confirm that a work item is created.
  2. Impersonate the agent to whom the work item is offered.
  3. Accept the work item.
  4. Set the assign_to field of the case to 'null'.

Expected behavior: A new work item is created and offered to whomever is available.

Actual behavior: No new work item is created.

Advanced Work Assignment


Work items are duplicated and the agent capacity is not respected

Agent Workspace


In the workspace activity stream, the scroll bar appears when there is no need to scroll In the workspace activity stream, when the entries have 2-7 lines of text, the scroll bar appears and all the text is also shown in the entry box. Users cannot scroll and there is no need to scroll.

Appsec – Platform Dev


The Instance Security Dashboard (PA) does not accurately display the compliance Compliance properties are not updated to the compliant state even after the plugin activation.

Asset Management


A duplicate model category record is created when an instance has already had one
  1. Log in to an instance with a user that has both the category_manager role and the cmdb_read role.
  2. Create a model category in the model_category (For example, 'Accessory/cmdb_ci_acc/[empty]').
  3. Delete any other existing 'Accessory' records.
  4. Upgrade the instance.

A duplicate record with the same value 'Accessory/cmdb_ci_acc/[empty]' is created by a system or admin user. However, it should not be created because it is the same as the user-created one.

Change Management


The removal of the demo data also removes the ITIL role

The Change Management - ATF Tests plugin (com.snc.change_management.atf) has a file that includes the 'itil' sys_user_role record as the demo data. Therefore, when a user requests the removal of the demo data, the ITIL role is removed from the instance.



The transform map script does not create the sys_journal_field record as the impersonated user When users use the transform map script and impersonate a user, the transform map script does not create the sys_journal_field record as the impersonated user. Instead, it creates the record as the user that makes the SOAP call to the import set table.



Issue with the screen reader functionality This may affect screen reader users. The screen reader does not complete reading the previous message before it starts to read new messages. It also repeats some messages, which may cause confusions to users.

Cloud Management Application


Errors occur when the CI has more than one hosted on relationships
  1. Navigate to CI Class Manager > Cloud Network > Dependent Relationships.
  2. Create a relationship for the network with a service account.

    The network is hosted on the service account under the hosting rule.

  3. Create an AWS service account, Discover Datacenters, and create a Discovery schedule for us-west-1.
  4. Run Discovery.

Discovery fails while discovering the network resources with the error message: identification_engine: MULTIPLE_DEPENDENCIES Found multiple dependent relation items [{"parent":17,"child":2,"type":"Hosted on::Hosts"}] and [{"parent":17,"child":0,"type":"Hosted on::Hosts"}] in payload.

Cloud Management Application


No sync option in the Related Links

Cloud Management Application


The cloud catalog item creation does not show terraform as a template type

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


The identification engine should check if an instance is TPP or not before using the sys_class_path in queries The identification engine uses the sys_class_path when querying for relationships, which may cause issues in non-TPP instances. Therefore, the identification engine should check if an instance is TPP or not before using the sys_class_path in queries.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Activity stream filter options are showing blank for all CMDB records under server and workstation lists
  1. Load all the workspace plugins.
  2. Navigate to the workspace.
  3. Click the CMDB list module and open any record from either the server or the workstation.
  4. Click to see the activity stream filter options.

Notice that there are blank filter options.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


A red line displays on top of the form 'Create Identifier Entry'
  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. Click Hierarchy.
  3. Search and select Virtual Machine Object.
  4. Select Add Child Class.
  5. Enter some details on the Provide Basic Information page.
  6. Click Next to skip the Add Attributes page.
  7. Click Replace on the Identification Rule page.
  8. In the pop-up window, select Dependent and then Save.
  9. Under 'Identifier Entries', click Add.
  10. Under 'New Identifier Entry', select either 'Use attributes from main table' or 'Use attributes from another table(Lookup table)'.

Notice that the pop-up window contains a red line on top of the form.

Core Platform



The trigger type for a scheduled job is updated incorrectly due to a race condition The trigger type value is updated incorrectly for sys_trigger records, which leads to repeat jobs being either deleted or executed at the wrong interval.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Core Platform


Choices display incorrectly in the Activities field on a form When users configure choices in a domain separated environment, the choices display incorrectly in the Activities field where it shows the value or label from a different domain.

CSM Communities


After upgrading to Madrid, the portal theme is set to empty and the header on the Community page is missing
  1. Log in to a Kingston/London instance and activate the Communities application.

    The default theme is 'Stock'.

  2. Upgrade the instance to Madrid.
  3. Log in as an admin and check the Community theme.

Notice that the theme is empty.

Customer Service Management


Users with CSM roles have restricted access to any CSM extended tables

Database Indexes


Shadow tables do not have the index sh$##(sys_id)



Network adapter/IP address records get deleted in devices with multiple NIC's with the same MAC address



The reconciliation code has been updated to prevent duplicate IP addresses from being inserted in the cmdb_cI_ip_address CIs with the same serial number under the same schedule have been discovered. Therefore, the reconciliation code has been updated to prevent duplicate IP addresses from being inserted in the cmdb_cI_ip_address.



SNMP GETBULK should be enabled by default Refer to SNMP probe parameters for details.

Edge Encryption


The sys_encryption_key_ configuration does not extend the sys_metadata due to an issue with the fix script Upon upgrade, the fix script does not work if the sys_encryption_key_configuration is not re-parented to have the sys_metadata as the parent in prior upgrades.

Edge Encryption


When users encrypt journal type fields, the decrypted text appears as one line without the proper new line formatting
  1. Install the Edge Encryption plugin.
  2. Configure and connect the Edge Encryption proxy to the instance.
  3. Create an Encryption configuration on a journal field, for example, the work_notes in the Incident.
  4. Open the incident record, and inside the work_notes of the form, type 'line1' and press the Enter key, then type 'line2' and press the Enter key, and type 'line3' and press the Enter key.
  5. Submit.

Open the incident record again, the work_notes appears as a single line 'line1line2line3'.

Edge Encryption


The UI installer should read 'Edge encryption proxy' instead of 'Edge Encryption proxy'

Event Management


Issues with the NodeInfoCache The NodeInfoCache flushes too often due to pairing with sys_cluster_state. It also issues expensive queries since the GlideRecord brings back massive iostats and xmlstats fields.

Event Management


Issue with the Alert Aggregation Learner in the Service Analytics During the run of the Alert Aggregation Learner in the Service Analytics with the prediction flag set to on, the sa_agg_pattern_element_pair table is filled with redundant information. This may cause the table to grow to a very large number.

Flow Designer


The Lookup Attachment action currently only provides the sys_id, which cannot be used in further actions The Lookup Attachment action is modified to return a list of attachment records instead of the sys_id for use in further actions.

Flow Designer


Modifying an action by importing an update set does not change how the action is executed from the scriptable Flow API After an update set is imported to modify an action, executing the action from the scriptable Flow API does not reflect the modifications to the action.

Flow Designer


The race condition in the compiling flow/action will cause the continual recompiling with a significant performance impact

Flow Designer


The Flow Designer filter widget does not work in the Trigger configuration or the Lookup records
  1. Install the Security Vulnerability app from the Store.
  2. Open Flow Designer.
  3. Create a new flow.
  4. Select Click to add a Trigger.
  5. Under the Record field, select Created.
  6. In the Table field, search and select Incident.
  7. Click Add filters.

Expected behavior: The condition builder is rendered.

Actual behavior: A console error occurs.

Forms and Fields



Unable to use previous reference values (GEM) for GlideLists in the Set Field Values step
  1. Create an ATF test.
  2. Add the following test steps:
    • Impersonation [User: Abel Tutor]
    • Open a New Form [Table: Task]
    • Set Field Values [Fields: Additional Assignee List - Use the GEM value from step 2]
  3. Submit the steps.
  4. Reopen the Set Field Values test step.

Notice that the GEM value is gone, and the description is shown as 'Set the values on the form as follows: Additional assignee list ='.

Forms and Fields



When the com.glide.attachment.max_size property is empty, the file limit for upload becomes 1K
  1. Open any sc_cat_item_producer record.
  2. On the form, scroll down to the 'Images (desktop view)' section and click Click to add....
  3. Add any .png file that is bigger than 1K and click OK.

The following system error message pops up: '<filename> is 3K. The maximum file size is 1K'. The <filename> varies depending on what file is selected. The 3K file size is the file size used in the test.

Forms and Fields



The gray mandatory asterisk does not display next to a filled mandatory field when the UI policy is applied After users fill in a mandatory field, the gray asterisk does not display when the UI policy is applied.

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Governance, Risk and Compliance


Questionnaire designers are slow when a large number of questions are loaded This issue happens in Chrome, IE, and Firefox.
  1. Open the JavaScript Console panel in Chrome.
  2. Select the Verbose option to change the message type from 'Default levels' to 'All levels'.
  3. Open the form designer on any incident record.
  4. Open the config dialog of a choice type field. It has the choice drag-and-drop list at the bottom.

In the Console, messages such as "[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'touchmove' event" appear.

Guided Tours


After users disable the Guided Tours by setting the system property com.glide.guided_tours.enable to false, the localhost node log still shows API calls involving Guided Tours

Guided Tours


The guided tour does not translate the steps even though the sys_ui_message table does contain the translated text

Human Resources Service Management


When setting 'Elevated Privilege' to true on a role, the role does not work Before the users elevate the sn_hr_core.admin role, they can see the fields with this role. However, when they elevate the role, they cannot see the same fields.

Human Resources Service Management


The purge functionality of Employee Document Management does not work when the glide.sys.date_format property is updated Employee Document Management currently has a date parsing issue when the glide.sys.date_format property is updated to a non-default value. This issue causes the purge functionality to not work due to errors, and thus it is unable to delete any documents or generate any purge logs.

Human Resources Service Management


The HR skill from the template is not applied to the transferred case
  1. Create a case that contains a skill.
  2. Click the Transfer Case UI action.
  3. Select a new service that should receive a skill through the template associated with the service.
  4. Click OK.

The new case that is created from the transfer still contains the skill from the old case. However, it should contain the skill that is assigned through the template on the HR service.



Installing the content app does not display query parameters on the REST step This issue only affects Madrid instances.

ITSM Mobile


Issue with active ITSM mobile plugins ITSM mobile plugins are active for new users in Madrid. However, they should be inactive. Refer to Mobile experience for Approvals for details.

Knowledge Management


Users experience slowness when loading the V3 Knowledge search/browse page When users have a large number of hierarchical categories, it takes a long time to load the V3 Knowledge search/ browse page.

Language and Translations


The translation strings are corrected for different languages and are updated in the language pack

MID Server


The used memory is not released after each run of patterns that execute data parsing steps

MID Server


In a domain separated environment, the MID Server selector with the override API does not return the MID Server in the right domain In a domain separated environment, the MID Server selector sometimes returns the sys_id of the MID Server in a domain that is different from the domain of the caller.

Mobile Studio


The UI parameter reordering does not apply to the mobile version



A new AMD parameter is needed for the Notifiy-Twilio The parameter that the Notify-Twilio sends for machine detection needs to be updated because Twilio released a new AMD parameter.

Operational Intelligence


The licensing script needs to be updated to only count node CIs



Enabling the IntegrationHub plugin causes slowness in the discovering process due to excessive cache invalidation When the IntegrationHub plugin is installed, the discovering process can slow down by an order of magnitude. A large number of probes with topic = SystemCommand and source = environment_clear appear on the ecc_queue.



Discovery fails to link Windows to AWS/EC2 objects Support needs to be added in the pattern 'Cloud - AWS' to check for SMBIOSBIOSVersion.



The Delete Recovery feature records deletes initiated from TableCleaner



Delete Recovery shadow tables are not cleaned up and grow unchecked A high volume of records is being tracked in shadow tables to support Delete Recovery. These records are not cleaned up and can grow rapidly, which may cause performance issues.



The chunk delete rollback sequence table on RollbackReaper RollbackReaper, which periodically cleans up old rollback recorded records, will use chunk delete to prevent the long running single delete SQL statement.

Platform Runtime Operations


The Service Mapping license usage (compliance) query is changed to run daily instead of monthly The Service Mapping license usage (compliance) query is changed to run daily instead of monthly for the accurate reporting of the license entitlement usage (compliance).

Problem Management


The UI action and column label conflict There are two UI actions with the same name 'Communicate Workaround' and two fields with the same column label 'workaround' introduced in Madrid. This might cause confusions to users.

Project Management


Project tasks created from Microsoft project import have an incorrect Active field value The status of PPM imported tasks is 'Closed Complete', but the Active field value is 'true'.

Project Management


Only milestones are shown when a project is expanded in the Timeline view The Timeline view does not allow users to look at tasks under the project. It only shows milestones and key milestones.
  1. Create an Investment view.
  2. Click the Timeline tab.

    A list of projects displays.

  3. Click the '>' icon next to any project name to expand.

Only milestones and key milestones are shown.

Project Management


The project import fails with the HTTP status 401 error
  1. Navigate to pm_project.list.
  2. Create a project P1 and add two tasks T1 and T2.
  3. Export the created project as an MS project.

    A .mpp file is generated.

  4. Delete the task T1 and re-add on to the project.

    T1 sys_id would be altered.

  5. Import the .mpp file that is generated in Step 3 on to the project using 'Import Using MS Project'.

The error is visible with an 'X' at the top of the project page.

Project Portfolio Management


In the ITBM Investment Portal, the Financials tab does not display data for portfolios When the cost plan records do not have mandatory start/end fiscal periods, the Financials tab in the Investment Portal fails to show data.

Project Portfolio Management


The milestone report is on the 'milestone' and not the 'key milestone' The PMO Dashboard has three widgets that are on the 'milestone'. However, these widgets should be changed to report off the 'key milestone' instead of the 'milestone'.

Service Catalog


Clearing the RegEx field value does not clear the error message thrown by the RegEx validator
  1. Create a catalog item with the single-line text variable, and ensure that the single-line text variable is tagged with the number RegEx validator.
  2. Try the item.
  3. Enter an invalid value in the single-line text. For example, if the number validator is given, try to enter some text.

    The validator will display an error message below the field saying 'Not a Number'.

  4. Try to remove the invalid value and click outside of the field or click the OrderNow button.

Expected behavior: When the invalid RegEx value is cleared, the error message should also be cleared allowing users to enter a valid value or place an order.

Actual behavior: The validator error message is still there. Also, if you try to click OrderNow, the following error message appears: 'The following fields contain errors: variableName.'

Service Catalog



Unable to update catalog tasks if the 'Email' or 'URL' type variables are present in the variable editor

Refer to the listed KB article for details.

Service Catalog


The variables in the multi-row variable set are not displayed in order in the RITM When a multi-row variable set is updated for an existing requested item (RITM), the order of the columns on the form and the table is ignored. As a result, the variables in the multi-row variable set are not displayed in order in the RITM.
  1. Create a multi-row variable set (for example, mrvs).
  2. Create some variables under the mrvs (for example, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth).
  3. Add the mrvs to a new catalog item.
  4. Create a request based on the catalog item in Step 3.
  5. Open the RITM created in Step 4, and add a new row in the mrvs.

Notice that the columns are no longer displayed in the order created in Step 2.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)


If the duration of an SLA definition is greater than 115 days 17:46:39 hours (equivalent to 9,999,999,999 ms), any workflow SLA percentage timer activities will finish almost immediately
  1. Create a SLA definition and set the following field values:
    1. Name: Workflow test
    2. Duration: 115 days 17:46:40 hours
    3. Schedule source: No schedule
    4. Start condition:
      • Active is true
      • Short description starts with Workflow test
    5. Stop condition: Active is false
  2. Create an incident with all mandatory fields completed and the short description set to 'Workflow test'.
  3. Open the incident form and open the 'Workflow test' Task SLA from the related list.

The Task SLA still shows lots of time left, but if you click Show workflow, you will see that the 50% and subsequent 25% timers have already completed.

Service Mapping


The Layer 2 algorithm does not filter absent IPs and takes a long time to complete

Service Portal


If the mandatory Reference field and the mandatory date time field are used together in a catalog item, the mandatory validation is activated on the date time field once the Reference field is accessed

Software Asset Management Professional


Users are unable to see the stale licenses the first time they pull the subscriptions
  1. Create a Docusign integration profile with valid credentials.
  2. Click Get OAuth Token.



Users cannot edit the application in Studio when the translation plugin is enabled
  1. Activate the I18N: French Translations plugin.
  2. Log in with the language set to English.
  3. Create a custom application:
    1. Click My Company Applications in the menu.
    2. Click Create New to create a custom app.
    3. Click Back to List.

      A list of applications including the app is created.

  4. Click the settings gear icon and switch the language to French.

    On the applications page, you will see the button translated to French 'Modifier dans Studio'.

  5. Click Modifier dans Studio.

Expected behavior: The app should be open in Studio.

Actual behavior: A blank page is opened in a new tab with console errors.

Time Card Management



The Time Sheet portal shows the calendar at the bottom when users use Windows OS When users use Windows OS, the Time Sheet portal shows the calendar at the bottom left corner of the page.
  1. Log in to an instance using Chrome in Windows 10 OS.
  2. Install the Time Card Management plugin.
  3. Log out and then log in as a user with the timecard_user role.
  4. Navigate to Time Sheets > Time Sheet Portal.
  5. Scroll the page down to the bottom.

Expected behavior: The open calendar should not be visible at the bottom left corner of the page.

Actual behavior: The calendar is open and visible at the bottom left corner of the page.



Topics are displayed to users in the web client/Slack even after the condition field is set to false in the Topic Properties page
  1. Create a simple topic.
  2. Save and publish the topic.
  3. Navigate to the Topic Properties page and set the condition field to false.
  4. Navigate to a web client or any adapter (Slack) and check if users are able to view the topic.

The topic is displayed to users in the web client or Slack even after the condition field is set to false in the Topic Properties page.



Errors occur when users publish a duplicated topic

Virtual Agent Platform


Issue with the date selection in the Virtual Agent calendar widget In IE11, when users select an end date in a Virtual Agent conversation, a random date would be selected instead of the correct date that the users chose.

Visual Task Boards


The error 'Creation of new task failed' appears when users create records from the Visual Task Board
  1. Navigate to Visual Task Boards > New.
  2. Click Data Driven Board.
  3. Set up the following fields:
    1. Task Table = Incident
    2. Lane Field = Priority
  4. Load the Visual Task Board, and navigate to Lane 1 - Critical > Add Task.

    You will see that the priority is set to '1 - Critical', but the impact and urgency are the default '3 - Low'.

  5. Fill in mandatory fields and submit.
  6. Return to the Visual Task Board.

You will see the error 'Creation of new task failed'. However, when you scroll to Lane '5 - Planning', you will see the new incident record has been created.

Other Madrid Patch 2 information

Discovery release notes
GETBULK settings
This is available in version Madrid Patch 2 and later.
GETBULK allows you to retrieve a large amount of data in batches therefore reducing the number of requests and reducing latency. In previous versions, the SNMP probe parameter [use_getbulk] allowed you to configure GETBULK at the probe parameter only. Now, you can set for individual MID Servers or globally for all MID Servers using [mid.snmp.use_getbulk].
If you previously had this probe parameter turned Off, the global settings remain Off to avoid unnecessary issues. You can set to True to turn GETBULK on. If you previously had this probe parameter turned On, the global settings remain On.
MID Server parameters
An SNMP configuration parameter has been added: mid.snmp.use_getbulk.
MID Server properties
An MID Server property has been added: mid.snmp.use_getbulk.
Mobile experience for Approvals

This mobile application runs on the ServiceNow® mobile platform. You should activate the ITSM Mobile Experience (com.sn_itsm_mobile) plugin that enables the ITSM mobile application.

Mobile experience for Incident Management

The Incidents mobile application runs on the ServiceNow® mobile platform. You should activate the ITSM Mobile Experience (com.sn_itsm_mobile) plugin that enables the ITSM mobile application.

PMO dashboard
The PMO dashboard provides comprehensive reports to the portfolio and program managers. The dashboard uses Performance Analytics to provide a trend of historical data as well as regular reports. It gives an overview of your investments, provides a pipeline view of upcoming intake and a calendar view of upcoming dates.
  • An example screenshot for Project Health tab of PMO Dashboard has been added.
  • An end user and its required role have been added:
    • End user: Project manager: Has access to the dashboards.
    • Required role: it_project_manager
SNMP probe parameters
This parameter is used to configure at the probe level. GETBULK can also be set for an individual MID Server or globally for all MID servers. Settings are listed in the order of precedence:

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.