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Madrid Patch 1

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Madrid Patch 1

The Madrid Patch 1 release (General Availability) contains important problem fixes.

Madrid Patch 1 was released on March 6, 2019.
Build date: 02-25-2019_1807
Build tag: glide-madrid-12-18-2018__patch1-02-13-2019
Important: For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Madrid.

For more information about the release cycle, see the ServiceNow Release Cycle. For a downloadable, sortable version of Madrid fixed problems, see KB0721455.

Note: This version is approved for FedRAMP. The following products are not approved for FedRAMP in Madrid: Document Viewer, and ServiceNow mobile.

Security-related fixes

Madrid Patch 1 includes fixes for security-related problems that affected certain ServiceNow® applications and the Now Platform®. We recommend that customers upgrade to this release for the most secure and up-to-date features. For more details on security problems fixed in Madrid Patch 1, refer to KB0726513.

Notable fixes

The following problems and their fixes are ordered by potential impact to customers, starting with the most significant fixes.
Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

List v2



Related list and embedded list personalizations do not work On related lists in List v2, if person A personalizes the related list, person B can see the change. However, if person B tries to reset to default, it is not allowed. In addition, forms and related lists are cached per the user role. When user A personalizes the related list on a form, all other users with user A role can see the personalized form.
  1. Log in to a base system where this issue is occurring.
  2. Add the same set of roles to two different users.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Assign a role to a user.

  3. As user A, configure the list layout.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Configure the list layout.

  4. As user B, go to the same list.

Note that the list layout is personalized by user A. Also note that Reset to Column Defaults only appears when that user has already personalized the list.




Scripted evaluation of the to, cc, bcc, from, and reply-to values in email client template does not work Performing scripted evaluation of the to, cc, bcc, from, and reply-to values in email client template or email client does not execute correctly. In some cases, it displays "Invalid function definition."
  1. Define an Email Client Template with the following values:
    • Table: incident
    • Any one of To, Cc, Bcc, Reply to, From (London and Kingston) fields:

      javascript: (function() { return '';}());

  2. Open the Email Client from an active incident.

    An error message 'Invalid function definition' is displayed.

  3. Alternately, add the following script to the To, Cc, Bcc, Reply to, From fields

    javascript: gs.getProperty('');

No values are populated.

Service Mapping



Slow 'discovery.device.complete' event processing, due to checkSwitch function in VMLayer2ConnectionStrategy The processing of Discovery's "discovery.device.complete" events is slow for certain devices. This can cause a general instance performance issue if they cause a hold-up or slowdown of event processing.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

MID Server



Discovery Schedules end up 'Canceled' because all MID Server threads are blocked by Shazzam and DNS probes, due to HTTPS port probes getting stuck Shazzam Probe gets stuck on HTTPS scanner, blocking all other worker standard threads.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Service Catalog



The variable with a tree picker attribute doesn't show any results if a reference qualifier is applied No values are displayed for a reference catalog variable when the variable has "tree_picker=true" attribute.
  1. Create a reference type catalog variable.
    • Reference: 'Category [sc_category]'
    • Reference Qualifier: Simple
    • Reference Qualifier Condition: [Active] [is] [True]
  2. Set the variable attribute 'tree_picker=true'.
  3. Submit the variable.
  4. Click Try It for the catalog item.
  5. Click the magnifying icon for the variable.

The popup doesn't show any results.

All other fixes

Problem Short description Description Steps to reproduce

Agent Intelligence


The categorical input is not used for prediction

Agent Intelligence


The default similarity solution definition does not run the model update
  1. Enable the Agent Intelligence plugin.
  2. Train the default similarity solution definition without making any filter changes to the 'window refresh frequency' and make sure the training is successful.

From logs, there is no similarity model update running, even after the 'window refresh frequency' time.

Agent Intelligence


The reference field is null when the prediction API is called through the script

Agent Intelligence


The prediction API throws java.lang.NumberFormatException when the similarity window has zero records

Agent Workspace


Unable to launch Lookup and verify modal on the interaction

Agent Workspace


When there are no additional resources, the Agent Intelligence still shows the searcher resource results

Application Installation Engine


The OOB app installation should skip entitlement checks during zBoots and distribution upgrades The OOB process already validates apps and dependencies. Any app that is forced to be upgraded via the OOB process should always succeed and does not need to validate entitlements with the Store.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


When users tab backwards through the 'System Settings' dialog, the focus moves to elements behind the dialog
  1. In the banner frame, select the gear icon to open the 'System Settings' dialog.
  2. Select the 'Lists' tab.
  3. Press the Tab key a few times to navigate through all the content.

    The keyboard focus is trapped in the dialog and returns to the top of the dialog after reaching the end.

  4. Hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key a few times.

The focus moves to elements behind the dialog. It is not possible to tab back into the dialog.

Application Navigator & Banner Frame


The application navigator fails to load the page due to the malformed link type URL The application navigator shows the loading circle spinning and fails to load the page.

Asynchronous Message Bus



The AMB Java Client of the MID Server sends requests to subscribe with null Glide sessions

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



Users with MFA enabled are logged out using the guest session timeout value instead of the UI session timeout when the UI session timeout is customized
  1. Set the guest session timeout in the sys_properties to greater than 0. Make sure the UI session timeout is greater than the guest session timeout.
  2. Create a user with MFA enabled.
  3. Log in with the user.
  4. Wait until the guest session timeout value is reached.

The user is logged out. However, the user should not be logged out until the UI session timeout limit is reached. This issue will only be seen if the MFA code is entered in the intermediate page. If the MFA code is appended to the password during login, this issue will not be seen.

Automated Test Framework


The Automated Test Framework screenshot tool fails the test due to the error 'potentially unhandled rejection'
  1. Install the base system inactive plugin in 'Automated Test Scripts For Survey'.
  2. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Tests.
  3. Run the test 'Automated UI test for Dynamic Validation - Survey'.

The test fails on the step 'Click a UI action' and 'Send Invitation'.

Automated Test Framework


Automated Testing Framework tests do not work as expected The wait mechanism gets stuck and the test fails due to the timeout.

Change Management


CAB Workbench Change Request form does not support dot-walked fields, which causes the error message 'Cannot read .value of undefined (task[fieldName].value)' When a dot-walked field is added to the CAB Workbench Change Request form view, the field value does not display correctly in the CAB Workbench. The error 'Cannot read .value of undefined' is displayed in the JavaScript console.

Cloud Management Application


The Branding Editor theme color changes are not reflected on the portal for the La Jolla theme This issue is not applicable to London and earlier releases.
  1. Navigate to /sp_config.
  2. Click Branding Editor.
  3. Select the appropriate theme for the user portal or the admin portal.
  4. Click the Theme Colors tab.
  5. Change the 'Primary' field color under the 'Brand' panel.

After the page refresh, the color is not reflected on the portal.

Cloud Management Application


Microsoft has changed Azure Billing API endpoint (Response code 426: Method failed: (/rest/XXXXXX/usage-report)) Azure Cloud Billing fails with "Response code 426: Method failed: (/rest/<<Enrollment No>>/usage-report) with code: 426". This is because Microsoft has changed their Billing API endpoint and retired the old endpoint. Refer to this document for details.

Condition Builder


Attributes are not loaded in SP filters on the page 'Cases', 'Contacts', and 'Assets' in both the CSM and CSP Portal

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


CMDB Baseline diff takes too long for CI's with many relationships With a huge number of relationships, the page takes too long to load and becomes unresponsive.

Contextual Search


Similarity machine learning results are not provided when the threshold is high

Core Platform



The actual class of a CI appears twice in the dropdown of a CI form from London In London, the class field (sys_class_name) dropdown for CMDB child tables shows a duplicate entry for the existing class incorrectly.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.

Core Platform



'Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database' error occurs when having a filter condition based on related list on cmdb_ci Filter condition based on related list on cmdb_ci returns no results and causes an error "Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database."
  1. Make sure that the List V3 plugin is active.
  2. Go to cmdb_ci.LIST.
  3. Apply a filter condition with following details in Related List Conditions:
    • Table: Certification Element > Configuration Item
    • State: ending
  4. Click Run.

Note that the no results are returned and the following error message appears:

Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (Unknown column 'sj0.configuration_item' in 'on clause')

Core Platform


Unable to access parent fields in a report from task extended child tables of the table per the class extension model

In a report, when a field from the parent table is added to the Related List conditions on a child table in a TPC hierarchy, the following error appears:

Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database (ORA-00904: "SJ0"."<field_name>": invalid identifier).

Delegated Development



Users with 'delegated_developer' role get the error "Invalid attempt to access [table_name]" when opening or creating a record When users with 'delegated_developer' role try and access alm_hardware.list, they get the message "Invalid attempt to access sc_req_item."
  1. Create a user or find a non-admin user.
  2. Give the user 'itil' and 'delegated_developer' roles.
  3. Impersonate the user.
  4. Navigate to Reports > Create New.

Observe the error message: 'Invalid attempt to access sys_report.'



Patterns cannot create endpoint CI types In Madrid, after users create a pattern and populate the endpoint CI type, the endpoint CI type is not returned when they run the pattern.



The Docker pattern does not correctly populate the Size (bytes) of the Docker containers



When the pattern debugger is running, the command from the 'Command Prompt' does not return the result
  1. Run the debug of any pattern.
  2. Click Command Prompt.
  3. Run any command on a remote or a local host.

The command fails with a 'time out' error.



An issue with the AWS pagination The URL generated by the AWS for the next page contains parameter values that must be encoded due to special characters in the generated token.

Edge Encryption


Before Jakarta, the type of the field 'proxy_version' in the table 'sys_encryption_proxy' is still decimal (20,2) for all upgraded instances with Edge installed
  1. Log in to an Istanbul instance.
  2. Install the Edge Encryption Plugin.
  3. Check the field 'proxy_version' on the table 'sys_encryption_proxy'. The type is decimal (20,2).
  4. Upgrade this instance to Jakarta or any instance after that.
  5. Check the field "proxy_version" on the table 'sys_encryption_proxy'.

Expected behavior: The type should be varchar (40).

Actual behavior: The type remains decimal (20,2).

Flow Designer


Issue with the copy action in the Flow Designer
  1. Create an action in scope A.
  2. Add any step.
  3. Save and publish.
  4. Copy this action to scope B.

The following error occurs: Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined.

Flow Designer


The PFJob handlers for the Flow Designer are limited to 4 handlers per instance and do not expand with the node capacity When the Flow Designer job handlers are added to a system, they do not grow with the number of nodes in the system.

Flow Designer


The 'Glide List' type is not supported in the Flow Designer for users to automate the approval processes
  1. Create a flow in any table.
  2. Create a field in the table where the 'glide_list' points to the 'sys_user' table.
  3. Add the 'ask for approval' action.
  4. In 'Approvers', try to select that list field.

Users are not allowed to choose.

Forms and Fields


Issue with the glide.tinyurl.minEncodedLength property in

Forms and Fields



Images cannot be replaced, previewed, resized, or updated properly The Insert/Modify dialog is used by TinyMCE with HTML/WIKI text fields. The dialog does not replace, preview, resize, or update images properly. Console errors are generated when updating an existing image.
  1. Create and open a KB article.
  2. In TinyMCE, click Insert/edit image.
  3. Select Type = Image Library.
  4. Select an image from the library and attach.
  5. Return to the record, select the image you added via Image Library in previous steps.
  6. Click Insert/edit.

    The Size is editable, but the save button is greyed out.

  7. Select a new image from the magnifying glass.

Preview updates to a new image, but the size is updated incorrectly. An error is thrown: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null.

Guided Tours


The tours break in List v3

Human Resources Service Management


The text of the HR Virtual Agent is not translated when internationalization is used HR Virtual Agent topics do not work in other languages.
  1. Install the HR Core, the Employee Service Center, and the HR Virtual Agent plugin.
  2. Install an i18n language pack of your choice.
  3. Switch over to the language for your logged in user.
  4. Navigate to the Employee Service Center.
  5. Start a Virtual Agent conversation.

Human Resources Service Management


When the versioning feature is disabled, the previewed article does not show newly inserted blocks When users create blocks for a Knowledge Base article, after they disable the versioning feature and click the Preview Articles with Blocks button, the previewed article does not show newly inserted blocks.
  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Properties, and uncheck the 'Enable Versioning' feature.
  3. Log in as a user who can create Knowledge Base articles and blocks.
  4. Create an article 'Article1' in the Knowledge Base and save the changes.
  5. Click the Add Block button.
  6. Click the Create New Block button in the sliding panel.
  7. Create two new blocks, 'Block1' and 'Block2'.
  8. Save and publish the blocks.
  9. Go to 'Article1' and insert 'Block1' into the article via the sliding panel.
  10. Save changes and publish the article.
  11. Insert 'Block2' into 'Article1' and save changes.
  12. Go back to 'Article1' and click the Preview Articles with Blocks button.

The previewed page shows only 'Block1' but not 'Block2'.

Human Resources Service Management


Users see extra app modules after upgrading to Madrid This PRB would only affect customers in Madrid Patch 0. After upgrading to Madrid Patch 0, users see two extra app modules 'Employee Service Center' to navigate to the Service Portal. This may confuse users since 'HR Service Portal' already exists.

Incident Alert Management


An issue related to the event queue performance Outstanding events in the queue have been detected.

Incident Alert Management


Contact definitions with the empty condition cause exceptions. As a result, other contact definitions are not processed

IT Service Management


The ITSM and PA Demo Data plugin should have recent data for users to use When the ITSM and PA Demo Data plugin is activated with data, it should load data that are three months or less in age in order to be useful for testing and developing in the Performance Analytics system.
  1. Locate the ITSM and PA Demo Data plugin (com.snc.itsm_pa.demo), and open the record for editing.
  2. Click the Activate/Repair link.
  3. Allow the plugin to complete.
  4. Once the plugin has completed the activation, display a list of all the Incident records on the instance.

The newest incident inserted by the plugin is over 6 months old (as per the opened/closed or updated fields).

IWA: Routing and Assignment


The chat is not routed to the right queue for logged-in users from the CSP portal

Knowledge Management



Non-admin users are unable to see some knowledge fields or unable to make some changes in the knowledge article after migrating to Knowledge V3 The issue is identified when migrating from Knowledge v2 to v3. It can cause permission issues for non-admin users on some of the kb_knowledge fields depending on the field level ACLs on kb_knowledge. Here are two symptoms:
  • Non-admin users are unable to see some fields in the knowledge list or form.
  • Non-admin users are unable to make changes to the knowledge record.
  1. Verify if the instance has any ACLs that satisfy the following filter condition:
    1. Navigate to https://<instance_name>/ (or Access control list from Navigator menu)
    2. Add the following filter condition for the list view:
      • Name "starts with" "kb_"
      • Description "contains" "ACL has been created by the Knowledge Management V3"
      • Advanced "is" "true"
      • If any record exists, verify if any ACL contains script in the following pattern:
        • new KBKnowledge().canRead/canWrite/canCreate/canDelete (without answer = )
  2. If any record exists, the instance may be impacted by this issue.
  3. This issue's symptoms are:
    • Log in as "non-admin" user with contribute access to any knowledge base
    • Navigate to
    • Verify if any column like short description, number shows blank values
      • OR
    • Try to update the kb_knowledge record
      • Refresh the page.

The recently updated changes are not persisting.

Knowledge Management


Users with the 'can contribute' access to the Knowledge Base are unable to search for articles
  1. Create a Knowledge Base block and publish it.
  2. Create a Knowledge Base article and add the above block before publishing the article.
  3. Provide the user with the 'can contribute' access to the Knowledge Base.
  4. Add the same user to the 'cannot read' list for the above block.
  5. Navigate to the Service Portal and search for text that is part of the block.

Expected behavior: The article should show up in the results. Ideally when a user has the 'can contribute' access at the Knowledge Base level, all article and block level user criteria should be overridden.

Actual behavior: No search results are returned.

Language and Translations


Add language translations in Madrid Language translations have been added for various products in Madrid.

MID Server


The method used by the MID Server to prevent out-of-memory errors when handling large payloads did not perform as well as anticipated. These controls were removed from Madrid Patch 1 for additional development and will be restored later

MID Server


The limit for the com.glide.closure_max_ rows_per_table is not enforced when the huge payload feature is disabled



The Add to Cart button in the Service Catalog does not work The Add to Cart button does not work in the Service Catalog on both the mobile web and the native applications.
  1. Log in to an instance with the mobile web or the native application.
  2. Open the Service Catalog.
  3. Select 'Hardware' (or any category).
  4. Select any Laptop (or any item).
  5. Click the Add to Cart button.

Expected behavior: The item is added to the cart and an overlay pops up stating that the item has been added to the cart.

Actual behavior: Nothing happens.

Mobile Studio


The data item page breaks when a sort is added to the condition builder This problem occurs only when users use Firefox or IE11.
  1. Open a data item in Firefox.
  2. If the page renders, add a sort to the data item.

Mobile Studio


In Studio, the option of deleting the folders is active
  1. Log in to Studio.
  2. Create an application.
  3. Create a folder with applets under it.
  4. Go to the folder.
  5. Try to delete the folder by clicking the folder.

Expected behavior: The folder with applets under it cannot be deleted, and the "x" button should not be displayed.

Actual behavior: The folder can be deleted. The "x" button is active but not displayed.

Mobile Studio


When the pattern is changed in Studio, a black screen background is displayed In Studio, when editing a screen and changing the list pattern for MDT, users see a black screen background.
  1. In Studio, edit a screen (e.g. the master details screen).
  2. Change the list pattern for MDT.

The confirmation popup window opens successfully, but the screen background is black.

Password Reset Application



The London upgrade may cause the error 'Password Reset Error' in the password reset module When users reset the password after upgrading to London, the error 'Password Reset Error' may occur and the device is no longer authorized.

Refer to the listed Known Error KB article for details.



The 'Azure Database' pattern fails with multiple issues



When running Discovery on the NetApp device, the firmware-version attribute returns a null value When running Discovery on the NetApp device, the firmware_version attribute cannot be set on cmdb_ci_storage_server. A null value is returned.




The Azure DNS Zone HD pattern would fail if the name and the IP from the DNS information are empty
  1. Run cloud resource discovery on Azure Service Account which has DNS info missing IP and name.
  2. Check Pattern debug and logs.

    The Pattern got empty value for Name and IP from DNS info.

The empty name and IP would cause Identification errors in the later steps.

Performance Analytics


The fiscal quarter time series aggregation does not follow the property 'Start of the fiscal year of your company'
  1. Change the property 'Start of the fiscal year of your company' to 'JUNE'.
  2. Navigate to the number of open incidents that Analytics Hub collects daily.
  3. Change the time series aggregation to 'By fiscal quarter SUM+'.

Expected behavior: FQ1 2018 should start from June and end in August.

Actual behavior: FQ1 2018 starts in March and ends in May.

Performance Analytics


During the instance upgrade, scorecards and detailed scorecards are broken and the exception is shown
  1. Upgrade an instance.
  2. Before the schema is upgraded, create a target.
  3. Go to scorecards.

    No indicator is shown.

  4. Go to detailed scorecards directly from the bookmarks.

The exception is shown.



An error is returned during a plugin rollback When a plugin is rolled back, the entire upgrade attempts to be rolled back and an error occurs: 'WAR Rollback did not execute successfully, current WAR files may be out-of-synch with database.'



Deadlocks may appear during event processing when multi-value inserts with the StatementBatcher are run within a DB transaction When DB transactions are enabled, the multi-value optimization may cause deadlocks due to high levels of concurrency.




Update sets containing new columns in the CMDB hierarchy can sometimes result in the storage alias corruption Update sets containing new columns in the CMDB hierarchy can sometimes result in the storage alias corruption. The same column is mapped to different internal columns throughout the hierarchy.
  1. Create a scoped application.
  2. In this application, create a dictionary field on the cmdb_ci table.
  3. Publish the application to an update set.
  4. Retrieve and commit the update set on another instance.
  5. Check the sys_storage_alias table.

The mappings for the new column are highly inconsistent.



Fields with the type 'DomainID' in the sys_dictionary_override cause infinite recursion when a node is started



Zboot issue - the database cannot be recreated while the application is running



DBNamesChecker cache flush causing transient performance degradation/semaphore exhaustion when multiple sys_dictionary records are updated/deleted Tables are dropped as part of a maintenance operation and the sys_dictionary and sys_db_object tables records are altered. This results in a cache flush of the DBNamesChecker cache which then causes slow queries and performance degradation as it is rebuilt by all the nodes.



Unable to install 'MobiChord Fixed Telecom Management' and 'Enterprise Asset Management' scoped apps in Madrid Users should log in as an admin role user when trying to reproduce the issue.
  1. Use the Madrid instance with entitlements to 'MobiChord Fixed Telecom Management' and 'Enterprise Asset Management' scoped apps.
  2. Navigate to System Applications > All available applications > All.
  3. Search for the app 'MobiChord Fixed Telecom Management' and 'Enterprise Asset Management', and install them.

Resource Management


Double entries are created after upgrade Duplicate aggregate records are created when Update Resource Aggregates UI action is clicked, after upgrading from pre-Kingston versions.

Security Applications


The fix script causes the upgrade engine to fail when the OOB app 'app-sec-common' is converted from version to version 2.0.0

Service Mapping


When the command runs as the local script, credentials do not roll over as per defined order during the discovery scan or the pattern step debugging

Service Mapping


An issue with the AWS pagination The AWS request signature in the authorization header does not match the signature generated by the AWS server.

Service Portal



The UI action containing current.isNewRecord() in the Condition field causes the insert to fail in the Service Portal When a record is submitted via the form in the Service Portal, if the inserted UI action contains current.isNewRecord() as part of its condition, the insert fails and the response is empty.
  1. Create a UI Action on Incident with the following parameters:
    • Name: Anything
    • Action Name: sysverb_insertShow
    • Insert: true
    • Condition: current.isNewRecord();Script: current.insert();
    • Form Button: true
  2. Go to
  3. Create a record using the new UI.

No record is inserted.

SkyNow Mobile - Backend


The subsequent approval action fails if the screen is not refreshed This issue affects both the iOS and Android users.
  1. Click the applet Generate demo data.
  2. Click the card My Approvals.
  3. Select Change Request.
  4. Left swipe any record and click Approve.

    The record is approved successfully.

  5. Without refreshing, left swipe a different record, and click Approve.

The record approval fails. However, if you refresh the screen, then left swipe on the same record and click Approve. The record is approved successfully.

SkyNow Mobile - Backend


The logger of the mobile plugin does not write exceptions for warnings

SkyNow Mobile - Backend


The fetch type is enabled on the details screen and can be set to 'background'

Software Asset Management Professional


The reclamation for a subscription with 'notify_user = true' does not work
  1. As the system admin, create a reclamation candidate for user A with 'notify_user=true'.
  2. Click Reclaim.

    This request goes to user A for approval.

  3. As user A, reject the task.
  4. As the system admin, navigate to the reclamation candidate created.

The state is 'Awaiting Revocation', but the reclamation fails with an error.

Software Asset Management Professional


The License Workbench crashes when users hold down the right arrow button
  1. Open the SAM Pro.
  2. Go to the License Workbench and select a Publisher card.
  3. Select an item in the left tree.
  4. Hold down the right arrow button.

The License Workbench goes white and is only recoverable by refreshing the page.

Software Asset Management Professional


A performance issue with the Salesforce integration for pulling users There is a performance issue with the Salesforce integration that may cause problems for the integration and the user instances.

Time Card Management


In London, a time sheet with an empty task is getting added in the Time Sheet Portal
  1. Navigate to the Time Sheet Portal.
  2. Select any project or task and click Add to Time Sheet.
  3. Delete the time card.
  4. Select the project or task again and click Add to Time Sheet.

This adds an additional time card with an empty task.

Transaction and Session Management


When an instance is configured with the session rotation to use the master GlideSession, any users on the new login are redirected to a blank page

Upgrade Engine Issues


An upgrade issue with OOB apps
  1. Install a base app from the Store.
  2. Upgrade to a version that has a 'root level' OOB app as well as an app that depends on the original app.

All the apps are upgraded but the log file is full of exceptions.

Upgrade Engine Issues


The sys_store_app record is created for an OOB application during zBoot even though the app dependency check fails A record is created for the OOB app with 0 installed files. As a result, during the upgrade using a dist which contains the same OOB app zip file and properties file, the app does not get installed even if the sn_hr_core is installed on the instance.

Usage Analytics


The ua_app_family data are needed for on-premises user instances to support the new plugin UI

Usage Analytics


When a deactivated user is reactivated, many errors can appear on the form

Usage Analytics


The total number of exempted custom tables is not available in the user instance

VA - FB Workplace Adapter


Updating the name of the Facebook Workplace adapter
  1. Go to the 'Messaging Apps Integration' page.
  2. Navigate to the 'Facebook Workplace' section.
  3. Click the pre-installed configuration page.

The 'Facebook Workplace' is the app ID, but the branding should be 'Workplace by Facebook'.

VA-Web Client


Property names are incorrect in Virtual Agent web client The system processor for the embeddable web client URL does not work if the system property names are incorrect.

Vendor Security Risk Assessment (VSRA)


When all 13 GRC applications are installed in Kingston and then upgraded to London or Madrid, the app SIG Assessment and Vendor Risk Management are not updated
  1. Install all the SIG Questionnaire plugins.
  2. Install all the remaining GRC plugins that are the 5.2.23 version (13 in total).
  3. Upgrade the instance to London or Madrid.
  4. Check the app SIG Assessment and Vendor Risk Management in sys_scope.

The version of the apps stays as 1.0.0, and the changes in the latest 7.0.x app are not applied.

Virtual Agent Platform


Virtual agent tables Conversation fields are not accessible Users can't create reports on VA tables or review existing conversations to enhance the VA topics implementation.
  1. Activate the glide.cs.chatbot plugin.
  2. Log in as an admin user and complete a simple chat on the web client.
  3. Visit several sys_cs_ tables especially sys_cs_conversation.

The user can't see the records.

Fixes included

Unless any exceptions are noted, you can safely upgrade to this release version from any of the versions listed below. These prior versions contain PRB fixes that are also included with this release. Be sure to upgrade to the latest listed patch that includes all of the PRB fixes you are interested in.