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Dashboards release notes

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Dashboards release notes

ServiceNow® Dashboards product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

New in the Madrid release

Dashboard picker enhancements
Find dashboards more quickly. On each dashboard, the dashboard picker enables you to choose from the dashboards you have permission to view, with the most recently opened dashboards shown first. Previously, this list showed all dashboards by default. Click Load all dashboards to see a list of all dashboards available to you.
Quick start tests for Dashboards
Validate the continued visibility and sharing functionality of dashboards after any configuration change such as an upgrade. All test suites and tests should pass on a default implementation. To validate a custom implementation, copy the automated tests and configure them for your customizations.

Changed in this release

Upgraded dashboards don't overwrite customized records
When you install or upgrade a Performance Analytics solution, out of the box content in the instance is overwritten and new content is added to the dashboard. Any content that you have previously customized on the dashboard is not changed.
Administrator can restrict responsive dashboard sharing
Configure the glide.cms.share_dashboards.role system property to specify the roles that can share their own dashboards.
Configure the glide.cms.dashboards.sharing_with_secure_search system property to specify that security rules are applied to the lists of users, user groups, and roles that are visible when users share responsive dashboards.

Activation information

  • Responsive dashboards are enabled by default on new instances.
  • On upgraded instances, responsive dashboards must be enabled by an administrator.