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Agent Workspace release notes

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Agent Workspace release notes

ServiceNow® Agent Workspace has new and updated features in the Madrid release.

Agent Workspace is a configurable service desk application that provides an integrated and intuitive user experience enabling tier 1 agents to be more efficient. Agent Workspace features include:
  • A multi-tab interface for agents to efficiently manage multiple cases or incidents
  • Real-time handling of calls and chats via an Interaction Management System
  • Task resolution assistance via Agent Assist
  • Intuitive search capabilities enabling agents to quickly find relevant content
  • A heads-up display of contextual information helping agents quickly get oriented to the task at hand

Agent Workspace features

Agent Intelligence (AI) for Agent Assist
Adds AI to the Agent Workspace Contextual Sidebar, which can then surface similar incidents or problems using a combination of contextual search, Zing, and machine learning.
Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)
Automatically route and assign work items in Agent Workspace to agents based on availability, capacity, and skills. Define work-item queues, routing conditions, and assignment criteria that AWA uses to distribute work items. Agents work from an agent inbox, where they see assignments, set their availability, and accept or reject work items.
Agent Chat
Agent Chat is a real-time messaging system specifically for Agent Workspace. From a chat, agents can respond to questions, create a record for an incident or case, or escalate the chat to another agent.
Lookup and verify for Agent Workspace
Enables agents to quickly look up contacts or consumers using information such as the name, phone number, or account number, and verify that information for the interaction.
UI notifications
Agent situational-awareness improves through on-screen notifications from pre-defined notification triggers. For example, triggers can notify agents of newly assigned or updated records. The on-screen notification gives context to the change and enables an agent to link directly to the record.
Form and list enhancements
  • You can resize the form versus the activity stream to provide better focus on current agent activity.
  • Separate tabs for Lists and My Lists
  • Add Last refreshed list update, relocate Refresh and New buttons
  • Reference fields can link within a list to open the corresponding record
  • Easier access to create a new list and personalize columns on the list
  • Improve filtering capabilities, add a new filter panel, and enable access to the full condition builder
  • Designate an associated URL for each list, for quick access and deep-linking functionality
SNAP for Agent Workspace
Notifies agents that an attachment on the record they are viewing potentially contains a virus.

Activation information

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