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Notifications release notes

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Notifications release notes

ServiceNow® Notifications product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Madrid upgrade information

This release introduces a new Email Client Configuration feature and a Connection Security option on the Email Account form for choosing the secure connection for your email server. These features are enabled in new and upgraded instances. When you upgrade to this release, the following items are migrated if you previously set them in your instance:
  • The secure connection mode that you selected for your email server in the Email Account form (Enable TLS and Enable SSL fields).
  • The email client property settings for controlling:
    • Email address autocomplete (
    • From and Reply To email addresses displayed in the email client (glide.ui.email_client.from and glide.ui.email_client.reply_to)
    • Email address recipient qualifiers (glide.ui.email_client.email_adresss.disambiguator and glide.ui.email_client.email_address.disambiguator_search)
    The email client property settings are preserved in a default email client configuration created during upgrade. You can view the default configuration in the new Email Client Configuration [sys_email_client_configuration] table.

    These email client properties are also deprecated in this release because these features can be set using email client configurations.

New in the Madrid release

Email client configurations
Control how your email client works:
  • Use email client configurations to manage the behavior of your email client. Each configuration consists of different email controls for setting the allowable email recipients and email addresses and for defining the allowable sender (From) email addresses.
  • Use the Email Client Template (enhanced for this release) to define the default content for an email client message. The template provides a Sender Configuration tab for specifying how the sender email address (From field) is generated. You can choose from four different configuration methods: SMTP, Select from List, Script, or Text.
Multiple email readers
Organize your email accounts into email account groups (subsets of email accounts) for processing by multiple email reader jobs. Activate this feature with the property and assign your email accounts to email account groups.

Changed in this release

Connection Security field on the Email Account form
The Email Account form features a new field, Connection Security, for selecting the secure connection for your email server. This option replaces the Enable TLS and Enable SSL fields on the Email Account form.
Push notification apps in the Push Applications table
Two different ServiceNow push apps are available for notifications: the ServiceNow Classic mobile app and the ServiceNow Agent.

Activation information

  • Now Platform® feature active by default.
  • To activate notifications in messaging applications, request the Messaging Notification plugin (com.glide.notification.messaging) through the HI Customer Service system. This plugin activates related plugins if they are not already active. Integrations with third-party systems also require a separate IntegrationHub subscription.