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UI release notes

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UI release notes

ServiceNow® UI product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Madrid upgrade information

When you upgrade to this release, your instance is updated with the new ServiceNow branding. Any customizations you have made to the system theme are not updated. You can revert to the previous theme by changing the system defaults in the Basic Configuration UI16 module. For more information on switching the system defaults, see Configure logo, colors, and system defaults for UI16.

UI15 is not affected by these changes, with the exception of the icon that appears on the browser tab. You can update the icon by changing the value for the glide.product.icon system property.

New in the Madrid release

Select from two new themes in the system settings window. The cobalt and cobalt contrast UI themes use the same styles as the previous UI.
Theme previews (under System Settings > Themes) have been updated so that the colors are determined by three configurable variables. The following variables provide the colors for the theme preview.
  • $navpage-header-bg
  • $navpage-header-color
  • $nav-highlight-bar-active
For more information on customizing a theme, see Create or customize a theme.
Base theme property
Change the base theme for the main content on the page. Find the Selected base theme [glide.ui.base_theme.selected_theme] by navigating to System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16. Only the main content on the screen (any content not included in the application navigator and the banner frame) is updated with this theme. Choose from:
  • La Jolla: The default base system theme. The properties for this theme are consistent with the new branding.
  • Cobalt: The properties for this theme match the previous branding.
Keyboard shortcut preferences
Determine which keyboard shortcuts are available to users from the list of user preferences.

Changed in this release

Platform rebranding
The system theme defaults have been updated with the latest ServiceNow styles, including the new logo and color scheme.
Basic Configuration UI16 properties
The following properties were added to the Basic Configuration UI16 properties page. Changes to these properties affect the system theme UI.
  • Navigation background expanded items [css.$subnav-background-color]
  • Navigation selected tab divider bar color [css.$nav-highlight-bar-active]
  • Navigation unselected tab divider bar color [css.$nav-highlight-bar-inactive]
  • Selected base theme [glide.ui.base_theme.selected_theme]

Activation information

Now Platform® feature active by default.

Accessibility information

The Cobalt Contrast UI theme was added to incorporate the contrast UI from the previous theme. The Contrast UI theme was updated with the new theme to include an accessible theme.