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Antivirus Scanning release notes

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Antivirus Scanning release notes

ServiceNow®Antivirus Scanning is a new feature in the Madrid release.

Use Antivirus Scanning to help protect your instance against virus infections that can be introduced by file attachments to your system records, such as incidents, problems, and stories.

New in the Madrid release

Configure Antivirus Scanning
Configure Antivirus Scanning across your instance and at the table level.
Dictionary attributes for Antivirus Scanning
As an administrator, you can set the values of dictionary attributes to modify the behavior of the default Antivirus Scanning configuration.
Review antivirus activity
The Antivirus Activities log tracks all activities that occur on potentially infected files from the point that they are discovered and placed into quarantine.
Review quarantined files
Review quarantined file attachments and take further action as needed.

Activation information

To use the Antivirus Scanning feature, activate the Antivirus Protection (com.glide.snap) plugin.