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ServiceNow mobile release notes

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ServiceNow mobile release notes

ServiceNow® mobile platform and application are new features in the Madrid release.

Manage incidents, collaborate with your team, respond to approval requests, access the knowledge base, and receive push notifications all on the go with your mobile device. Access all of these options from the new ServiceNow Agent mobile app.

ServiceNow Agent features

ServiceNow Agent mobile app
Access an instance on a mobile device using the new iOS and Android native mobile apps.
Configure the new mobile app using ServiceNow Studio
Use ServiceNow® Studio to configure applications, applets, screens, and other mobile features for the native mobile app.
Mobile application and modules
The new mobile application includes new modules and tables in the platform. However, configuring an app in Studio provides a more secure configuration, so most configuration should take place in Studio. Only use modules in the platform for more advanced customization such as creating scripted conditions or carried parameters.
Push notifications
Receive push notifications on your mobile device for events that you are following, such as a work task assignment or record.
Location tracking
Turn on location tracking from your mobile device and in the mobile app so that you can keep a record of where you were when you last worked on an instance
Offline mode
Access and submit actions to records even if you do not have an internet connection.
Screen UI policies
Use screen UI policies to control whether a field is mandatory or visible on a screen, depending on the conditions that you define for the policy.
New mobile app for Incident Management
  • Access work assigned to you or your group.
  • Add comments or work notes or reassign incidents.
  • Receive push notifications for incidents assigned or commented.
  • Review group workload for incidents by priority and state.
  • Approve or reject change requests, requests, and requested items.
Field Service Mobile
Manage your field service tasks anywhere using the Field Service mobile application. With this application, you stay connected at all times, can access information in real time, and complete your tasks quickly. You can even access task information and complete tasks in locations where your mobile device is not connected to the Internet.
Mobile experience for Approvals
Approve catalog requests, requested items, or change requests from anywhere using the ITSM ServiceNow Agent application.

Activation information

Depending on your device, go to the iTunes Store or the Google Play store and search for ServiceNow to download the native mobile app.

For more information, see Mobile documentation and configuration.