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Coaching release notes

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Coaching release notes

ServiceNow® Coaching is a new application in the Madrid release.

Coaching lets a manager (coach) monitor specific behaviors in a user (trainee), or group of trainees, so they can be coached on a consistent basis. Coaching moments are defined to provide quick feedback and learning recommendations for the trainee so they can continue to improve their skills each time.

Coaching consists of a generic framework that can be applied to any task- or non-task-based process on the ServiceNow platform (such as Incident Management, Change Management, HR Onboarding Management, and Customer Service Management).

Virtual coaching is also supported, which automatically provides coaching assessment feedback and real-time learning recommendations to save time.

Coaching features

Coaching moment definitions
Define coaching moments using a single coaching opportunity form. The coaching opportunity state model is simple to use, while providing full transparency to both coach and trainee.
Coaching assessment tasks and feedback
Review the coaching assessment task as a coach, provide improvement feedback notes, assign learnings, and submit survey-based rating feedback for the trainee.
Recommendation learning list
Create a recommended learning list of knowledge base articles, videos, and internal or external links to learning content. Assign recommendations manually, or set up the coaching opportunity to use a virtual coach.
Virtual coach
Assign a virtual coach to a coaching opportunity to assign learning recommendations and automatically resolve the coaching assessment.
Integration with Continual Improvement Management (CIM), Skills Management, and Knowledge Management
  • Create an improvement initiative from a coaching opportunity with one click to identify trainees for external training, for example. Plan and deliver that initiative using the Continual Improvement Management process.
  • Assess trainee skills using Skills Management to identify gaps so the trainee can be coached to acquire new skills, or to enhance their existing skill level.
  • Assign knowledge base articles in Knowledge Management as recommended learning for the coaching opportunity.
Dashboards for coach and trainee users
  • Use the Coach Dashboard as a coach to see real-time analytics on open assessments, list of follow-up actions, coaching survey feedback scores, number of tasks auto-resolved by the virtual coach, and performance of all trainees of the coach.
  • Use the Trainee Dashboard as a trainee to see analytics on your active assessments, your coaching history, your survey results, and a list of all open assessments for the trainee.

Activation information

The Coaching (com.sn_coaching) plugin requires a separate subscription and must be activated by ServiceNow personnel. This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active. The Coaching application is available with the ITSM Professional subscription only. Please contact your account manager for more information. See Request Coaching for more information.

See Coaching for more information.