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Change management release notes

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Change management release notes

ServiceNow® Change Management product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Change Management provides a systematic approach to control the life cycle of changes, allowing you to make changes with minimum disruption to IT services. This release includes enhancements and new capabilities that enable organizations to manage change, including organizations that employ DevOps teams to integrate changes initiated from a continuous delivery pipeline.

Madrid upgrade information

After you upgrade, you can:
  • Use the new com.snc.change_management.enforce_data_requirements property that provides additional controls along with the existing UI policy and client scripts. When true, it ensures that any updates made from a change request form, such as Workflow, REST/SOAP, JavaScript, or GlideRecord updates adhere to the same mandatory data requirements. This property is installed with Change Management - Core and is set to False by default for upgrade customers. Change the property value to True to use this feature.
  • Activate the Change Management - Approval Policy plugin so that you can use the new change approval policies. Configuration details are described in Change approval policy.

New in the Madrid release

New features added to Conflict detection
  • Change conflict scheduling: When potential change scheduling conflicts are identified, change conflict scheduling identifies dates and times where no conflict exists and provides a new Scheduling Assistant user interface that allows a change requester or fulfiller to select a date and time with no conflicts. To take advantage of this new feature, activate the following two new properties:
    • Define the number of days to be factored after the respective Planned start/end date of a Change record when searching for the next available time (change.conflict.next_available.schedule_window).
    • Define the number of suggestions to be calculated for the next available time field on a Change (change.conflict.next_available.choice_limit).
  • A new conflict type called Assigned to already scheduled is introduced to identify when the assignee of a change request is already assigned to another change request scheduled on the same date and time.
Change REST API suite
Empower your DevOps teams to easily integrate Change Management from their Continuation Integration or Continuous Delivery pipeline by using the REST API suite. This suite of APIs allows any of the supported change types to be created, updated, approved, and worked on from creation to closure. Use the REST API suite for the Change Management application to empower DevOps teams to integrate from their Continuation Integration or Continuous Delivery pipeline with Change Management.
The new com.snc.change_management.enforce_data_requirements property is introduced to provide additional controls to supplement existing UI policy and client scripts. This property is installed with Change Management - Core and is true by default for new customers and false for any upgrading customers.
Change approval policy
Generate and configure approvals in Change Management based on a new platform feature called Decision Tables. Change Approval Policies allow conditional approval policies to be configured using simple platform records and then generated as an integral part of change workflows. With Change Approval Policies you can apply varying levels of approval governance dynamically based on platform data, the introduction of additional approval users or groups, or automated approvals tied to users for Normal and Emergency change types.
Enhanced refresh impacted services
The Refresh Impacted Services UI action can populate the Impacted Services/CIs related list with any application service impacted by a configuration item listed in the Affected CIs related list. Previously, Refresh Impacted Services only worked against the Primary configuration item referenced on the form.
The new Impacted CIs/Services related list is generated from all CIs listed in affected CIs related list (change.refresh_impacted.include_affected_cis) property is introduced to use this capability. This property is enabled by default. For more information, see Change Management properties.
Quick start tests for Change Management
Validate the continued functionality of Change Management during application development and after upgrades. Copy and configure these automated tests to identify customizations needing review.
Standard Change catalog for support for workspaces
Added a Standard Change Catalog support for Workspace. When a standard change template is initiated from a workspace form view of another task type, for example, an Incident, Change Management redirects to a workspace form view of the standard change request.
Now Platform® branding
Updated the CAB workbench portal and Change Conflict Calender to align to the base system platform color palette.

Changed in this release

Disabled Cancel change action
When a change request reaches the Review state, the Cancel change UI action is disabled.

Activation information

Change Management provides the following plugins:
  • Change Management - Approval Policy plugin (sc_chg_pol_appr) helps in generating and configuring approvals using the Change Approval policies.
    Note: This plugin is activated by default for new and existing customers.
  • Change Management - ATF Tests (com.snc.change_management.atf) loads ATF tests for Change Management when the Change Management - State Model plugin is active. The demo data for this plugin is required to successfully execute these ATF tests.
    Note: This plugin is activated for new customers. Existing customers must activate the plugin to use it.