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Event Management release notes

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Event Management release notes

ServiceNow® Event Management product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Event Management helps you to identify health issues across the datacenter on a single management console. It provides alert aggregation and root cause analysis (RCA) for discovered services, application services, and automated alert groups.

Madrid upgrade information

The upgrade process moves your instance to a new ServiceNow release version. Upgrading and patching your instance requires planning, testing, and validation. To ensure a safe and effective upgrade, create upgrade plans and test your upgrade on non-production instances before upgrading your production instance.

New in the Madrid release

Alert intelligence
Alert Intelligence is implemented in the multi-tab interface of Agent Workspace. You can manage alerts in Workspace in the Event Management implementation of Agent Workspace.
View alert group reasoning
As alerts are added to a group, a message is added to the Work notes field of the alert to indicate the reason for aggregating that alert into the group. When an alert is added to or removed from the group, that information is shown in the Work notes of the selected alert.
Monitor event processing metrics
Extract statistics from your instance to ensure that performance is not affected and extract metrics related to event processes to monitor event processing status.
Configure event collection from an Icinga2 connector
Configure the Icinga 2 (Icinga) connector instance to receive events while monitoring your network resources.
Alert similarity
Find alerts that are similar to the alert that you are currently investigating. Save time in resolving the current alert by seeing how the similar alerts were resolved. In this way, like alerts are resolved in the same way and there is a reduction in the mean time to resolve alerts. Alert similarity applies natural language processing (NLP) based on Now Platform® machine learning (ML) as implemented in Agent Intelligence.
Quick start tests for Event Management
Validate the continued functionality of Event Management after any configuration change such as an upgrade or after developing an application. All test suites and tests should pass on a default implementation. To validate a custom implementation, copy the automated tests and configure them for your customizations.

Changed in this release

Filter the events that an event rule applies to
Filter on timestamps can be defined in event rules. Glide date time is supported. You can filter events using time conditions. For example, filter on Time of event according to before, and specify a date or time period.
Scheduled jobs for impact calculation
Calculate the impact of connected services. The building of the impact tree is affected with the addition of the following scheduled jobs:
  • Event Management — Handle Impact Stuck Service
  • Event Management — Impact Calculator Trigger
  • Event Management — Impact Topology Consumer
  • Event Management — Impact Tree Builder

Activation information

Event Management is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the Now Platform and requires the Event Management (com.glideapp.itom.snac) plugin. For more information, see Event Management.