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Discovery release notes

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Discovery release notes

ServiceNow® Discovery product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

New in the Madrid release

Discovery performance metrics
Use metrics collected by the Discovery performance framework to monitor the processing times of probes, patterns, and sensors for specific discoveries. View performance data aggregated over time that shows probe execution by build, status, or target IP address. Use the roll-up data by build to compare performance between versions after an upgrade.
File-based discovery

Improves visibility into your installed software via file signature-based discovery. This is a limited access feature for the Madrid release that enables you to scan a file system and identify file fingerprints on UNIX and Windows servers from a list of established signatures. Use the comprehensive software normalization library from ServiceNow to match the results to installed software. This feature integrates with the ServiceNow® Software Asset Management Professional application to help you manage your software licenses.

File-based discovery is built with the same high-quality engineering as the rest of the Now Platform® and is optimized for performance. The product team will use the limited access time frame to get participant validation of the core feature set.

If you are interested in participating in this limited availability program, email

PowerShell remoting
Use PowerShell remoting to communicate directly with Windows servers using the WinRM protocol. The PowerShell process establishes a secure PSSession (PowerShell Remoting session) that stays open until the MID Server finishes querying a Windows server. New MID Server configuration parameters manage SSL certificates and port assignments for using PowerShell over HTTPS.

Changed in this release

GETBULK settings
This is available in version Madrid Patch 2 and later.
GETBULK allows you to retrieve a large amount of data in batches therefore reducing the number of requests and reducing latency. In previous versions, the SNMP probe parameter [use_getbulk] allowed you to configure GETBULK at the probe parameter only. Now, you can set for individual MID Servers or globally for all MID Servers using [mid.snmp.use_getbulk].
If you previously had this probe parameter turned Off, the global settings remain Off to avoid unnecessary issues. You can set to True to turn GETBULK on. If you previously had this probe parameter turned On, the global settings remain On.
Windows Discovery optimization
This update is available in version Madrid Patch 3 and later.
To enhance efficiency of the Windows Discovery probe, a script is now runs to offload work to the remote Windows systems. Because of this, it is a requirement that these remote Window systems run PowerShell 2.0 or higher (up to 5.0) to allow the script to run properly.
The Windows-installed software probe has been updated to enhance performance. It now uses the $admin share folder as default. When the MID Server queries the target, the output is now written as JSON instead of XML. There is a new probe parameter “output_format” that controls the output format of the probe and should not be changed. The probe post-processing script was updated to handle the new format. You must have a minimum of 10 MB of free space for this to work. For more information on Windows Discovery, see the knowledge base article KB0752537
Windows probes
This update is available in version Madrid Patch 3 and later.
To enhance performance, all Windows probes using WMI protocol now use the $admin share folder as default.

Removed in this release

These Shazzam probe parameters were deprecated in the Madrid release:
  • DNS_alternativePort: Defines an alternative port number for the DNS scanner.
  • NBT_alternativePort: Defines an alternative port number for the NBT scanner.
  • SNMP_alternativePort: Defines the alternative port number for the SNMP scanner.

Activation information

Discovery is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the Now Platform® and requires the Discovery (com.snc.discovery) plugin.