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Cloud Management release notes

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Cloud Management release notes

ServiceNow®Cloud Management product enhancements and updates in Madrid release.

Madrid upgrade information

  • If you are on Jakarta and above, an upgrade from any version of Cloud Management platform version 2 (CMPv2) is supported.
  • Catalog items created based on cloud-native templates in releases prior to Madrid on CMPv2, will be treated as blueprint-based catalog items, which means that the underlying template cannot be modified.

New in the Madrid release

Simplify creation of service offering in Service Catalog using cloud-native templates
Taking a service-centric view, this feature allows the service designer to start with a catalog item and design the end user catalog experience. The service is driven by importing cloud-native templates or ServiceNow blueprints.
Enable use of technologies like Orchestration to drive day 1 and day 2 operations
Cloud services and operations continue to grow at breakneck speeds. This feature allows customers, partners, and field personnel to add new services and operations using Orchestration workflows. This is especially useful for creating new day 2 operations for various cloud resources.
Performance improvement for Cloud User Portal and Admin Portal
The Cloud Management platform includes both an Admin and a User Portal, each serving a different role. This release focuses on user interface performance improvements for both the Admin and the User portals. The performance-related changes are transparent to the user.

Activation information

The Cloud Management( plugin requires a separate subscription. You must request activation from ServiceNow personnel.