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Field Service Management release notes

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Field Service Management release notes

ServiceNow® Field Service Management product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

Madrid upgrade information

When you upgrade from a previous release, six event type schedule entries are available by default. You can choose to activate these event type configurations to create schedule entries. You must deactivate any existing Events configuration that overlaps with the newly created schedule entries. For more information on configuring event types, see Configure the agent calendar.

You can optimize the agent task routes for the current date. However, if the SMTaskRouting script was modified in an earlier release, the agent route is optimized, but it does not take the agent schedule and agent time off into consideration. For more information on optimizing task routes, see Route optimization.

New in the Madrid release

Field Service Mobile
Manage your field service tasks anywhere using the Field Service mobile application. With this application, you stay connected at all times, can access information in real time, and complete your tasks quickly. You can even access task information and complete tasks in locations where your mobile device is not connected to the Internet.
Quick start tests for Field Service Management
Validate that Field Service Management still works after you make any configuration change such as applying an upgrade or developing an application. Copy and customize these quick start tests to pass when using your instance-specific data.
Adding knowledge to work order and work order task forms
Recommend additional information to complete tasks. Search for related knowledge articles and if helpful, add that to a work order or work order task.

Changed in this release

Team calendar and schedule management enhancements
  • Agent profile management: View or edit an agent's personal information, work status, schedule, location, and time zone using the team calendar. Start a chat session with an agent from a profile preview.
  • Agent event management: View, edit, or create events for agents in your assignment group so that you can use available time slots and maximize resource allocation.
  • Searching agents and agent groups: Search an agent group on the team calendar or search for agents within a group.
  • Event type configurations: Create configurations for each type of schedule entry that is displayed on the agent calendar to track and manage the agent schedule.
Appointment booking enhancements
Display a 12-hour or a 24-hour time format on the appointment booking window that is based on your user's preferred format.
Route optimization
Reorder the tasks that an agent has to execute in a day by optimizing the route that the agent takes to complete those tasks.

Activation information

The Field Service Mobile plugin (com.sn_fsm_mobile) enables the Field Service mobile application. This plugin is activated when you activate the Field Service Management (com.snc.work_management) plugin.