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Test Management 2.0 release notes

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Test Management 2.0 release notes

ServiceNow® Test Management 2.0 product enhancements and updates in the Madrid release.

The Test Management 2.0 application streamlines the management of testing processes to help you deliver software products more efficiently and with fewer errors. It is also integrated with the Agile Development 2.0 product. With Agile integration, you can handle different testing scenarios, such as release readiness testing, and sprint testing.

New in the Madrid release

Test Board
Track, manage, and complete your testing activities from an intuitive user interface called the Test Board.
  • Aggregate all your test plans and view them as cards in a single location. At a glance, you can review key details of your test plans, such as start date, end date, and percentage of tests that have passed and failed.
  • Create a test plan in the Test Board, and structure the test plan in the Planning tab. The Planning tab is built from the Test plan work item hierarchy and Gantt chart components.
  • Break down the test plan into phases to precisely plan what must be tested and when.
Standalone test execution suite
Use the Test Execution Suites module to create a short test plan. This is useful when your testing effort is minimal and you do not want to go through the overhead of creating a test plan and a test cycle for a test execution suite.
Quick start tests for Test Management 2.0
Validate the continued functionality of Test Management 2.0 after any configuration change such as an upgrade or after developing an application. All test suites and tests should pass on a default implementation. To validate a custom implementation, copy the automated tests and configure them for your customizations.

Activation information

Activate the Test Management 2.0 plugin (com.snc.test_management.2.0) if you have the admin role.

Accessibility information

The Test version form and the Run Tests user interface are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.