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Filter on multiple string values

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Filter on multiple string values

For a string field, you can create a filter that searches for multiple values by creating a comma-delimited list.

About this task

This feature enables administrators to copy and paste search criteria from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a filter, for example.

Note: Do not use the [is one of] operator on fields that contain commas, as the query does not return the expected set of records. Instead, create a filter using multiple [or] statements.


  1. Create the filter with the [is one of] or [is not one of] operator.
    Depending on the selected field, a choice list or a text box appears.
  2. Select one or more of the options by using multiple selection key commands.

    The choice list remains visible.

    Comma-delimited filter

    Alternatively, for text or number fields, type your search options. Separate the options by commas or put each option on a separate line, and do not enclose the selections in brackets.

    Incident field is one of list of incidents separated by next line
  3. Click Run to filter the list.
    The filter conditions appear as a comma-delimited string at the top of the results list.
    Figure 1. Comma-delimited filter string
    Comma-delimited filter string