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Create a dynamic filter option

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Create a dynamic filter option

Dynamic filter options enhance filtering by allowing users to run existing script includes or JavaScript against a reference field within condition builders and dynamic reference qualifiers.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

This task describes how to create a new dynamic filter option and an associated script include.

Dynamic filter options "objectize" script includes/JavaScript, enabling them to be reused in multiple condition builders and dynamic reference qualifiers. This type of filter enables you to modify a script once and have the changes automatically take effect everywhere the dynamic filter option is used.

When defining a dynamic filter, you can:
  • use an existing is (dynamic) dynamic filter option (condition builder only)
  • use an existing dynamic filter option (OOB or custom)
  • create a new dynamic filter option and script include/JavaScript
All condition builder dynamic filters use the is (dynamic) operator and call a dynamic filter option. In the following example, the pre-existing dynamic filter option Me is being used. For a list of available pre-existing condition builder dynamic filter options, see Dynamic operators.
Note: Dynamic filters are not supported in scoped applications or UI policy conditions.
Figure 1. Dynamic operands
Dynamic operands


  1. Create a scripted filter as a client-callable script include or business rule.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Dynamic Filter Options.
  3. Click New.
  4. Complete the form.
    Table 1. Dynamic filter options
    Field Description
    Label Enter a descriptive name for the dynamic filter option.
    Script Enter the name of the function you created, JavaScript (no script include needed), or the complete script include/business rule call, such as new GlobalCanvasUtil().refQualPaTabs().
    Field type Select Reference.
    Referenced table Select the table to which this dynamic filter option applies.
    Order Enter a number to designate the placement of this dynamic filter option in the filter option choice list.
    Roles Select the role a user must have to see this option.
    Active Enable or disable the option.
    Reference script Optional. Select the client-callable script include or business rule you created for the scripted filter. If the Script field contains JavaScript, an encoded query, or the entire script include/business rule reference, this field can be empty.
    Available for filter Select this option to display the dynamic filter option as a filter breadcrumb.
    Available for default Select this option to allow dynamic filter option to be a default in a dictionary entry.
    Available for ref qual Select this option to allow dynamic filter option to be selected as a dynamic reference qualifier.
  5. Click Submit.