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Add a property to display response time in List v3

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Add a property to display response time in List v3

The response time indicator that displays in List v2 is not supported in List v3. You can add a property to show the display time in milliseconds (ms).

About this task

You determine which roles can view the response time. It appears in the lower left corner of the list footer.

Figure 1. Response time in ms in List v3 footer
Response time in milliseconds


  1. Add a property with the following settings.
    Property Value
    Name glide.ui.list_v3.client.timings.roles
    Description For specified roles, show in milliseconds the length of time it takes for the list to load in List v3. Separate each role with a comma.
    Type string
    Value Enter a comma-separated list of roles.
    Note: This property does not apply to the response time indicator in forms.
  2. Click Submit.