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Tags are text labels that you can associate with items like records and pages. Tags enable you to group and organize the items. Tags can be visible to any user (global), visible only to specific groups or users (shared), or visible to a single user (private).

Tags are stored in the Tag [label] table. To view tags in a list, navigate to System Definition > Tags or Self-Service > My Tags.

Tag sharing levels

The tag sharing level enables other users to use the tag. The Viewable by property setting for a tag controls the sharing level.
Sharing level Description
Me Private tag, visible only to the owner.
Groups and Users Shared tag, visible to the owner and specific groups or users.
Everyone Global tag, visible to everyone. This option is available to users with the admin or tags_admin role.

Tag name conflicts

Conflicts can occur if multiple tags have the same name.
  • If a private tag and a shared or global tag have the same name, the system appends [private] to the name of the private tag. For example, Sample tag [private].
  • There cannot be multiple shared or global tags with the same name. If a user attempts to create a shared or global tag with a name that is already in use, an error message appears and the system prevents the tag from being saved.