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Upload one or more images

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Upload one or more images

You can upload one image or multiple images at one time.

Before you begin

Role required: image_admin or content_admin


  1. To upload one image at a time, complete the following steps:
    1. Navigate to System UI > Images to see the list of images stored in the database.
    2. Click New to add a new image.
    3. Complete the form.
      Table 1. Images form
      Field Input
      Name Enter the file name by which to reference the image in HTML.
      Active Select the check box to allow the image to be referenced in HTML.
      Category Select a category in which to organize the image file.
      Image Select Click to add... to upload an image. If an image is already uploaded, click [Update] to upload a new version of the image or [Delete] to remove the image.
      Format, Size bytes, Height, and Width View current image metadata. This information is automatically populated when the image is uploaded.
      Figure 1. Upload image
  2. To upload multiple images at once, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a .zip file that contains only acceptable image file types.
      Note: The system does not support uploading zip files that contain .bmp images.
    2. Navigate to System UI > Image Zip Upload.
    3. Click Choose File then select the file.
    4. Click Upload.
      Zip upload
    A message indicates that the files are uploaded to the database, and the images list is sorted by updated date in descending order (the uploaded images appear first).
    • If the .zip file contains a folder structure, the resulting image names are the path name with underscores in place of the slashes. For example, if the .zip contains myimages/image1.gif then the resulting image is named myimages_image1.gif.
    • Image names cannot exceed 100 characters in length, including folder structure. Files with excessively long names are rejected.
    • Uploads are logged in the system. View system logs to see whether files are uploaded or rejected.