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UI15 application navigator

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UI15 application navigator

The application navigator appears at the left of the interface and provides access to all available applications and modules. You can collapse and expand all items, and switch perspectives to a specified role.

Each application appears as a section in the application navigator denoted by an application label. The application navigator lists modules by name under each application label. Use the application navigator to quickly find information and services.

Figure 1. UI15 application navigator

Enter text in the navigation filter to show matching applications and modules. You can also use the navigation filter to quickly access a specific table. For more information, see Navigate directly to a table.

In the UI15 application navigator, a star appears by each module. For more information, see Use favorites in UI15.

Collapse or expand information in the UI15 application navigator

You can collapse or expand information in the application navigator to display only what you want to see.

  • To collapse or expand an application or application section, click the application or application section label.
  • To collapse all applications, click the application menu icon and select Collapse All Applications.
  • To expand all applications, click the application menu icon and select Expand All Applications.
  • To collapse or expand the application navigator, in the edge, click Toggle Navigator.

Switch perspectives in the UI15 application navigator

You can switch role perspectives to show different views of the application navigator. A perspective filters the available applications by that role. For example, select ITIL to show only ITIL items such as Incidents, and filter out asset management items such as Asset Portfolio. This option is available only if you have access to more than one role perspective.

To switch perspectives, in the application navigator, click the menu icon Application navigator menu icon (Application navigator menu icon). Select Roles, and then select a perspective.