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Extended functions

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Extended functions

The extended functions available for working with HTML content.

Table 1. Extended functions
Icon TinyMCE v4 Icon Name Description
Link html
TinyMCE v4 link
Insert/Edit Link

Configures a link for the selected text. Define the link URL, title (additional information that appears in the tooltip), and the target (same window or new window or tab).

Code reference: <a>

Unlink html
TinyMCE v4 unlink
Remove link* Removes the current hyperlink.
Cleanup html
Cleanup Messy Code* Fixes standard HTML errors for the selected text, such as invalid tags. Clicking this button may change the layout of existing content. If you do not like the results, you can click Undo to revert this action.
Html editor button
TinyMCE v4 code
Edit HTML Source Opens HTML source code in a separate window. See Editing in HTML Source Mode.
Hr html
Insert Horizontal Line Inserts a horizontal line at the current location.
Toggle guides html
Toggle Invisible Elements* Shows or hides invisible elements in the article, such as collapsed table borders.
Spec Char html
Insert Special Character* Inserts a special character (symbol) at the current cursor location. Click the button to view a list of available characters. Point to a character to view the name and HTML code. Click a character to insert it.
Image html
TinyMCE v4 image
Insert/Edit Image Inserts an image from the image library or an attachment. You can also add images to the image library with this feature. To learn more, see Embedding Images in HTML Fields.
Media html
TinyMCE v4 video
Insert/Edit Embedded Media Embeds a video from the video library or an attachment. You can also add videos to the video library with this feature. To learn more, see Embedding Video in HTML Fields.
Spell html
Spell Checker Checks the spelling of text in the HTML field. Spellcheck is only available in the htmlArea editor.
Preview html
Preview* Opens a preview of the HTML field in a separate window without saving changes.
Fullscreen html
TinyMCE v4 full screen
Toggle Full Screen Mode* Expands the HTML field to use the full form view for easier editing. Click the button again to return to standard form view. This feature is only available for the htmlArea editor, and is not available for Internet Explorer.

*These options are not available with htmlArea.