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Managing spans

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Managing spans

You can view span details, focus and zoom spans, and edit spans.

A span represents each task on the timeline, which is displayed as a horizontal bar and may have distinctive color coding. Each span has a label and can have tooltip text containing additional information about the task. You can also change the perspective of the calendar for a more granular view of the data.

Span details

If the left navigation pane is visible, the span label is visible in the left pane.

If the left pane is hidden, point the cursor over a span to view the tooltip.
Figure 1. Timeline Tooltip
Timeline showing list of high priority incidents

Span focus and zoom

You can use keyboard shortcuts when using timelines.

Table 1. Focusing and Zooming on a Span
Operating System Shortcut
Macintosh Command + Click
Windows Control + Click

Span edits

If the timeline has been configured for editing (horizontal moving, start and end date dragging), use the mouse to adjust the spans to suit your needs.

Move the start or end dates to change the duration of the task.
Figure 2. Timeline Drag Start
Timeline showing the edited span to adjust the start date
Move the entire span horizontally to adjust the start and end dates but not the duration.
Figure 3. Timeline Drag Span
Timeline showing a span that has been dragged horizontally to adjust the start and end dates