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Send a one-time password when the LDAP server is down

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Send a one-time password when the LDAP server is down

An LDAP property is available to send a one-time password to a user if the user is unable to log in because the LDAP server is down. You can also configure another property to control how long the password is valid.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

To receive a one-time password, the user must have notifications enabled on their user profile. The notification is an email message only. SMS messages are not supported.

About this task

Both properties are enabled by default. The default value for property that controls password validity is 10 minutes.


  1. Open the list of system properties by entering sys_properties.list in the filter of the application navigator.
  2. Find the glide.ldap.onetime.password.enabled property.
  3. Set the property to true.
  4. To change the password validity time for a user, set the following property to an integer number of minutes: glide.authenticate.onetime.password.validity.