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Testing and troubleshooting ADAM setup

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Testing and troubleshooting ADAM setup

The primary tool used for testing is LDP. This allows you to fully test user authentication.

Most of the object management can be completed using the ADAM ADSI Edit console which will provide access to the entire collection of objects and attributes. The highest level of control and troubleshooting ADAM services is using the Windows service created during the instance setup. The service name will vary and depends on the name of the instance created. This service must be running in order for the ADAM service to run. If you are experiencing connection problems, you should review the network configurations to ensure you have the appropriate network access to connect to the server and ADAM port. For each ADAM instance installed, a Windows Event Log is created. This is also a great tool for troubleshooting ADAM services.

The Windows Security Event Log is also helpful when troubleshooting userProxy authentications. All userProxy logon attempts are logged in the Security Log and reference the remote client device address, the distinguished name of the user trying to log on, and the result or status code.