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LDAP script examples

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LDAP script examples

The following script examples assume you use an Active Directory (AD) for your LDAP server.

userAccountControl attribute values script

This example tests the source for the userAccountControl attribute values associated with a disabled user (514 or 546).
//Deactivate LDAP-disabled users during transform based on 'userAccountControl' attribute
if(source.u_useraccountcontrol == '514' || source.u_useraccountcontrol == '546'){;

Here is an example using a bitwise check:

if(source.u_useraccountcontrol & 2){
   active = false;

userAccountControl attribute script

This example examines the userAccountControl attribute but does not test for specific values. It also contains the option of reactivating LDAP user accounts.
* Deactivate LDAP-disabled users during transform based on 'userAccountControl' attribute
* Convert the userAccountControl attribute back to a hex value
var ctrl = parseInt(source.u_useraccountcontrol, 10);
ctrl = ctrl.toString(16);
* The only digit we care about is the final one
* A final hex digit value of '2' in 'ctrl' means disabled
if(ctrl.substr(-1) == "2"){
   //Deactivate and lock the user account = false;
   target.locked_out = true;
   //Ignore any insert of a disabled record
   if(action == 'insert'){
      ignore = true;
/* Optional: Uncomment else block to reactivate and unlock the user account
else { = true;
   target.locked_out = ctrl.substr(-2, 1) == "1";

onBefore transform map script

Here is an example of a onBefore transform map script. The script identifies disabled records and records being inserted. If an insert of a disabled user is occurring, then the operation transform ignores the record.
//Ignore any insert of a disabled record as defined by the 'userAccountControl' attribute
var uc = source.u_useraccountcontrol;
if((uc == '514' || uc == '546') && action == 'insert'){
   ignore = true;

DN member script

This script example introduces flexibility by not relying on the 546 and 514 userAccountControl values, but instead checking whether the user is a member of a particular Distinguished Name (DN). You can use this script either in the Script field of the ‘Table Transform Map’ record or in an onBefore transform map script.
//Deactivate LDAP-disabled users during transform based on OU membership in 'dn'
if(source.u_dn.indexOf('OU=Disabled Accounts') > -1){ = false;
   target.locked_out = true;