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Microsoft SCCM integration

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Microsoft SCCM integration

The Microsoft SCCM integration is a one direction import of SCCM data into the ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Scheduled imports bring relevant SCCM data into the ServiceNow instance from an SQL Server database and map it to tables in the CMDB. You can configure either a full or incremental data import. The import is achieved using a JDBC connection via the MID Server. The integration keeps the ServiceNow CMDB synchronized with the SCCM SQLServer database, so that only relevant data is imported from the SCCM database to the CMDB. The SCCM database is considered an authoritative source and is not written to.

Supported versions

These are the plugins for the currently supported SCCM versions, all of which support Asset Intelligence and Incremental Software Reconciliation:
  • Microsoft SCCM 2007
  • Microsoft SCCM 2012 v2
  • Microsoft SCCM 2016
Note: If you upgrade your instance to a version of the Now Platform that does not provide support for your version of SCCM, you can continue to use that version. However, all new instances require the use of a supported SCCM version.

The Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2016 (com.snc.integration.sccm2016) plugin is compatible with SCCM versions 1702, 1802, and 1906.

Available modules

  • Setup:
    • Configure the data sources.
    • Specify database server settings and the MID Server.
    • Test the configuration.
  • Scheduled Import: Schedule the import or execute the import immediately.
  • Data Sources: A list of the pre-configured data sources defining the external CMDB database.
  • Progress: The progress log for scheduled imports.
  • Transform History: A log of transformations performed by scheduled imports.
  • CI Identification: Identifiers used by SCCM to match import set data with the CMDB.
  • Import Set Data: Tables that store imported SCCM data.
  • Web Services: List of web services used to add or remove fields in the transform maps.

Asset intelligence

Asset Intelligence is an SCCM feature that can filter, normalize and clean up software records. When enabled, it populates normalized software data in a separate table within the SCCM database. You can target this separate table instead of the raw software data table. When you import software records into the CMDB with this feature enabled, you get a cleaner set of software data. To use this feature, you must Activate SCCM Asset Intelligence scheduled imports in the target ServiceNow instance, as well as in the source SCCM database.