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Set up multifactor authentication upon initial login

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Set up multifactor authentication upon initial login

If your administrator enabled multifactor authentication on your profile but you have not yet set up the application, you can set it up upon login.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. Log into your instance using your username and password. The multifactor authentication setup screen intercepts your login.
    Multifactor authentication setup
  2. If you want to skip the authentication setup at this time, click Bypass Setup. You can bypass multifactor authentication for a limited number of times that your administrator allows. Eventually you need to configure multifactor authentication.
  3. If you do not yet have the Google Authenticator application in your mobile device, you can download it from one of the links provided under Download the app.
  4. Take a photo of the QC code with the Google Authenticator application or enter the string in the application manually.
  5. Enter the code and click Pair device and log in.

    The application responds with a six digit code that refreshes every 30 seconds. If you entered the correct code, a message appears telling you that Multifactor Authentication is set up. If you entered an invalid code, look for the code on your mobile device again as it may have refreshed, and enter the code that you see.

    Note: For the code to work property, the system time on your computer must be in the same time zone as the time on your mobile device.