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Express conversion to Enterprise process

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Express conversion to Enterprise process

The conversion process includes an opportunity for you to review and test the ServiceNow Enterprise platform with a copy of your data before your production instance is converted.

Conversion process

The conversion process follows this timeline

  1. A non-production instance is created from a cloned copy of your ServiceNow Express production instance. This non-production instance is for the full Enterprise Service Management platform.
  2. You receive a letter indicating that you are entering a 15-day testing phase. The purpose is to verify that your ITIL and self-service portal users continue to experience the behavior they are familiar with.
  3. After you verify with the non-production instance that the conversion completed and is acceptable, your designated Hi Administrator updates the change record advising ServiceNow support of your acceptance.
  4. ServiceNow support schedules a full conversion of your Express production instance to ServiceNow Service Management. Your non-production instance is paired to it, and is available for you to configure new features, validate them, and roll them out to production.

ESS and ITIL experience

After an Express instance is converted to the Service Management platform, users with ESS and ITIL roles experience the look, feel, and behavior they are familiar with. They can access the same sets of applications and modules, lists and forms, and they experience the same underlying behavior. All functions that were accessible to ESS and ITIL users in the Express instance look and behave the same way for all users after the conversion.

For example:
  • The incident form looks and works exactly the same way as it did in the Express instance. The same is true for the Problem, Change Request, and Configuration Item forms.
  • Approvals are requested the same way as in the Express instance, and the approval process is the same.
  • Survey responses are generated as in the Express instance.

Administrator experience

The Service Management platform is significantly different for administrators, who have access to all of its features. It is recommended that administrators attend the ServiceNow System Administrator training.