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Set a system time zone

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Set a system time zone

Set your system time zone with a system property.

About this task

All times are stored in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but are displayed globally based on system time zone [] or, if specified, according to user preference.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > System.
  2. Locate the property System timezone for all users unless overridden in the user's record [].
    system time zone property to specify default for company

    By default, the input field is blank. If no time zone is defined for this property, America/Los Angeles is the default.

  3. Add a time zone in the format Country/City or using the name of a time zone (for example, GMT) and click Save. For available values, see Time zone representation.

    The new system time zone automatically cascades to all users who do not already have a specified time zone. If a user selects a different time zone or if the administrator selects a different time zone for them, the user is assigned the selected time zone and does not use the system time zone anymore.