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Schedule calendar

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Schedule calendar

Graphically represent a defined schedule and its related schedule spans.

The schedule calendar is available in day, week, or month views in calendar and timeline views.

To view the schedule calendar, click Show Schedule under related links in the Schedule form.

Figure 1. Schedule calendar
schedule calendar

The view calendar icon and the timeline icon icon at the upper left of the window helps you to navigate between the calendar view and the timeline view of schedules. By default, schedule is displayed in the Month view and the current day is highlighted. The calendar also provides Day and Week views. If you want to view the schedule and schedule spans of any specific day, week, or month, click view calendar and select the specific date. You can also combine the available functionalities to change the view of the calendar. For example, you can click timeline icon to choose timeline view, select a particular date from view calendar and select the Day, Week, or Month view.

If you want to view events for the current day, week or month, click Today. The left and the right arrow next to Today (previous and next day icon) helps you to navigate to the previous or the next day, week, or month depending on the view type.

To add an event, double-click the time slot where you want to add the event. In the Add Event window, enter the required information. If you want to view the details of an event, click the event. A pop-up window appears with the details of the event.

Figure 2. Event details
event details
To modify the start and end time for an existing non-recurring or recurring event, you can click the event and in the Event pop-up window, click Edit to modify the required fields.
Table 1. Modify event
Field Description
Name Displays the name of the event.
Type Displays the type of the event. For example, time off, appointment, meeting.
Show as Displays the status that is visible when the event starts.
When Displays the date and time when the event starts and ends.
All day If selected, the event becomes a continuous event irrespective of the date and time mentioned in the When field.
Repeats Specifies the value when the event needs to be repeated.
Repeat until Specifies the date till when the event is repeated.

Click Update if you want the event to be modified with the new value.

Click Deactivate if you want the event to be delete from that specific day till the specified end day of the event.

Click Delete if you want to delete the event from the day the event had started.

You can also drag a specific event to the new date or time. When you drag a non-recurring event, a pop-up window appears to confirm whether you want to save the event change. When you drag a recurring event to a new date or time, a pop-up window appears to confirm whether you want to edit all occurrences or only the current occurrence of the event. You can choose your option, as appropriate.

Schedule calendar also provides keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate quickly. The list of navigation shortcuts appear when you click keyboard icon.