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Timeline pages

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Timeline pages

Use timeline pages to track any activity bounded by two dates, such as the start and end date of a change request or the open and close date of an incident. Administrators can create timeline pages, which are user interactive.


  • Make selected timelines available to users by role.
  • Select perspective from daily to yearly views.
  • Create dynamic labels for timeline spans.
  • Configure tooltips for each span.
  • Permit span dragging and resizing by users.
  • Lock timelines to prevent editing.

Viewing timelines

By default, only administrators have a module to access timeline records. ITIL users can only view timelines by selecting a context menu item from an incident record.
Figure 1. Timeline View
The timeline view, showing a green line where the current time is, and range indicators.

Administrator role users

Users with an administrator role can view timelines from the timeline page records.
  1. Navigate to System UI > Timeline Pages.
  2. Select a timeline record to view.
  3. Click View Timeline.

Other users

ITIL users can view timelines associated with any task record where the metrics are set to display as timeline records (by default, only Incident records display timeline metrics). ITIL users can select the Metrics Timeline context menu UI action to view the Assigned to duration and the State duration metric timelines.
  1. Navigate to active task record, such as an incident.
  2. Right-click the banner, and select Metrics Timeline.

To allow non-administrators to view other timelines, create a custom module.