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Tools for driving tasks

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Tools for driving tasks

There are several tools available to drive tasks to completion.

These tools can be run on any table which extends Task.

  • Approvals

    Approvals can be generated to a list of Approvers, either manually or automatically, according to Approval Rules. Approvals can be incorporated into workflows or can stand alone. For more information, see Process approvals.

    Approvals can be used on tables that do not extend Task.

  • Assignments

    Assignment rules can automatically assign tasks to users or groups, ensuring that the most appropriate team members handle the tasks. For more information, see Defining Assignment Rules.

  • Service levels

    Service level agreements can track the amount of time that a task has been open, to ensure that tasks are completed within an allotted time.

  • Inactivity monitors

    Inactivity monitors ensure that tasks do not fall by the wayside by notifying users when tasks have been untouched for a predefined period of time. For more information, see Setting Inactivity Monitors.

  • Workflow

    An administrator can specify a specific workflow process to apply to tasks that meet certain conditions. After a task is created that meets the conditions, the workflow applies an automated process to the task. The process is defined in the graphical Workflow Editor.

    Figure 1. Graphical Workflow Editor

    As the process takes place, it updates any field designated as a workflow field.

    Figure 2. Workflow field

    Workflows are not specific to the tasks, but there are task-specific Workflow Activities (such as Task Activities and Approval Activities). For more information, see Workflow Overview.