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Reminder table

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Reminder table

The Reminder [reminder] table provides a way to auto-generate reminders for a task.

The Reminder [reminder] table is one of the child tables of the Task [task] table. Any table that extends the Task table, such as the Incident [incident] table, can use the Reminder [reminder] table.

Only the system administrator can create or modify a Reminder table. To access the Reminder table, type in the filter navigator.
Table 1. Reminder table
Field Description
Task Refers to the parent task record.
User Specifies the user who has logged in to the system.
Remind me Specifies the time before which the reminder must be sent. Available values are: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. You can add values to this field as required.
Note: Internally in the system, the value is always converted to minutes and then stored in the Remind me field.
Refers to the date from the date field of the parent task record. This date and the time that you mention in the Remind me field are considered to send a reminder. Available values are: Activity due, Due date, Follow up, and SLA due.
Note: The Activity due field and the SLA due field are legacy fields with an UNKNOWN value that you cannot use. You can only use the Due date and Follow up fields.
Using Specifies the method by which the reminder must be sent. Available options are: Send an Email and Outlook Calendar.
Subject Specifies the subject or the reason of the reminder. Maximum number of characters allowed on this field is 100.
Notes Provides a space where you can enter your comments regarding the reminder. Maximum number of characters allowed on this field is 8000.