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Tables module

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Tables module

The Tables [sys_db_object] table contains a record for each table in the database.

To view the list of tables, navigate to System Definition > Tables. For example, you can filter the list to see extended table relationships.

Figure 1. Extended Table Relationships

To open the record for an existing table, click a table label. You can:

  • View, add, or modify columns with a searchable and sortable embedded list, define the auto-number format, make the table extendable by other tables, and create modules for the table.
  • Launch a schema map for a table by clicking the Show Schema Map related link.
  • Open the dictionary entries for the table by right-clicking the form header and selecting Show Dictionary Record.
  • Navigate directly to the default list or form view for the table by clicking the Show List or Show Form related link.
  • Delete all records from a table by clicking the Delete All Records.
Figure 2. Table Record