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Requesting High Security Settings activation

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Requesting High Security Settings activation

The High Security Settings plugin is active by default on all new instances.

Before you begin

Before activating High Security Settings on an existing instance:

  1. Review the following information to understand the new behavior:
  2. Enable the plugin on a non-production instance. A recent clone of production is preferable.
  3. Test the revised functionality, especially the added ACLs and default-deny functionality. Continue testing until the system performs as expected. If users cannot access expected resources, ensure they have appropriate roles and ACL rules to grant them the access.
  4. Create update sets of any needed changes so you can apply them to production.

About this task

If it is not active on your instance, you can request the plugin.


  1. In the HI Service Portal, click Service Requests > Activate Plugin.
  2. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Plugin activation form
    Field Description
    Target Instance Instance on which to activate the plugin.
    Plugin Name Name of the plugin to activate.
    Specify the date and time you would like this plugin to be enabled

    Date and time that must be at least 2 business days from the current time.

    Note: Plugins are activated in two batches each business day in the Pacific time zone, once in the morning and once in the evening. If the plugin must be activated at a specific time, enter the request in the Reason/Comments.
    Reason/Comments Information that would be helpful for the ServiceNow personnel activating the plugin. For example, if you need the plugin activated at a specific time instead of during one of the default activation windows.
  3. Click Submit.