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Features of Zing text indexing and search engine

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Features of Zing text indexing and search engine

Enable and configure Zing text indexing and search engine features.

Feature Description Top tasks State
Zing indexes words Index documents by dividing them into words. Depending on the languages your instance supports, a word may be a single character such as a Chinese or Japanese pictogram or a sequence of characters separated by spaces such as with Latin, Arabic, and Pinyin languages. Active
Zing computes document scores using three components Compute document scores based on the frequency, sequence, and weight of search terms in the document. Active
Global text search finds records from multiple tables Search multiple record types from a single search field. Active
Global text search displays results dynamically Display global text search results for each table as Zing generates them. Active
List search finds records from the current table Search records from a table list view. Active
Zing can include attachments in search results Expand search results to include attachments from indexed tables. Active
Zing removes stop words from queries Remove common words from search queries that do not produce meaningful results. Active
Zing matches derived words with stemming Convert any multiple-character search keyword to its stem form to find derived versions of the word. Active
Zing can expand search results with synonyms

Expand search results to include additional search terms.

icon Requires configuration before use